Cairn 10: Parenting Teenagers …Without Losing Hope (with Matt McAlack)[Rebroadcast]

McAlack Zoom meeting

Dr. Matt McAlack, professor in the School of Divinity, joins the podcast again with a re-release of our conversation on Parenting Teenagers. Before the original episode rolls, Matt shares some new insights on how the COVID-19 crisis is impacting the daily life of teens and how parents can encourage their children to live purposefully during a pandemic.

Cairn 10: Rap, Hip-Hop, and the Christian (with Brady Goodwin)

Brady Goodwin

Adjunct Professor and two-time Grammy-nominated artist, Brady Goodwin, joins the podcast for an explanation of his own background, the unique history and sociological elements of hip-hop culture, over and underrated rap artists, and how a biblical worldview is essential in an exploration of all things aesthetic.

Advancement: The SECURE Act – Important Tax Law Changes

secure act

On December 20, 2019, President Trump signed into law the SECURE Act which makes a number of significant tax law changes effecting retirement planning as well as planned giving.  The new legislation addresses a wide variety of areas that are likely to impact our alumni and friends. Keith Johnson unpacks the new policy in this episode of Advancement.

Cairn 10: New Year’s To-Dos

Keith Johnson, Teri Catanio, and Tom Allen

Start 2020 strong. Executive director of the Regency Foundation Keith Johnson, Career Center director Teri Catanio, and associate professor Tom Allen all chime in with some great goal setting advice related to career, finance, and (most importantly) spiritual matters.

Cairn 10: Drawn to Christ; Educated at Cairn (with Sevil)

Kandern, Germany

For more than twenty years, Cairn has operated a satellite campus in Kandern, Germany. Hear more about this campus and the testimony of one of our alumni who came to Christ and found the biblical education she was looking for through Cairn.

Advancement: FreeWill

FreeWill preparation available

Cairn University is excited to offer free will preparation services and estate planning documents through our friends at FreeWill. FreeWill also provides our donors with an option to gift qualified charitable deductions directly from their IRA to the university.

Cairn 10: A Pastor’s Counsel on Counseling (with Tim Bouffard)

Tim Bouffard

More than ever, people need counseling, and pastors are in a unique position to provide counsel. For pastors (or anyone interested in the role pastors can play in counseling), hear one alum speak from experience on how he counsels his flock (and others) and why this is so critical.

Cairn 10: Should I Stay or Should I Go? (with Rachel Park)

If you think people are changing jobs today more than ever, you are right. Listen in as one alumna who has had a successful career in business, talks about what this means for her generation, and shares her thoughts on the validity of such moves.

Cairn 10: The Library (with Stephanie Kaceli)

masland library with new shelving

Are you a library geek? If so, this is the podcast for you. Even if you are not, this is a great chance to listen to learn about how Cairn’s library is attracting the attention of other universities, and how a student’s use of the library at any age is a predictor of success.