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Mathematics (BA) + MS in Education Dual-Level Program

Expand your understanding of mathematical concepts and develop an effective pedagogy for teaching mathematics in the secondary classroom.

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Why Mathematics (BA)?

A Mathematics (BA) degree is best-suited for those hoping to teach high school mathematics. Gain training across the diverse mathematics fields including calculus, algebra, and probability & statistics. Individuals with a BA degree in mathematics are equipped for math education as well as further graduate studies in various forms of mathematics. This dual-level program has the same career end goal of the Secondary Mathematics Education major (to be a certified teacher), but the dual-level program allows for more mathematics courses throughout its course of study. And at the end of five years, you’ll have two degrees: a bachelor’s in mathematics and a master’s in education. The majority of public school teachers in 2017–18 (58%) held a postbaccalaureate degree, so being a first-year teacher with a master’s degree already in-hand will put you among the ranks.

How it Works

This dual-level program allows you to condense what would be six years of study (four-year bachelor’s + two-year master’s) into just five years by starting master-level courses as early as your junior year. You’ll be able to complete all requirements for both degrees in as few as five years without taking summer courses. By completing this program, you will be able to teach in both public and private schools, as this program prepares you to receive the Pennsylvania Instructional I Secondary Mathematics Education (7–12) certification and Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) English (7–12) certification.

You will also continue to receive your undergraduate scholarships and tuition aid for all five years of study, which will save you thousands of dollars.

Mathematics (BA) at Cairn

Biblical Integration

Study mathematics through an integrated biblical worldview that strengthens your faith in God.

Academic Opportunity

Prepare a final thesis paper or project on a topic of personal mathematical interest and an Instructional Design Project on specific pedagogical principles.

Career Preparation

Learn mathematics in conjunction with Bible/theology courses, preparing you to minister to those in STEM careers.


Take graduate courses fully online, which provides schedule flexibility in the last two years of study.

Hands-On Education

Complete a Student Teaching assignments in multiple school settings related to your career goals (public or private, suburban or urban).

Honor Program

Join the Honors Program and dive deeper into a specific math concept or educational method.

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Get an inside look at our Mathematics + Education Program

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Required Credits: 160

Curriculum Highlights: 

    • EDU 712 Curr Theory, Design, Assess
    • MAT 421 Abstract Algebra I
    • EDU 722 Adv Developmental/Ed Psych
    • MAT 341 History & Philosophy of Math
    • EDU 602 Ed Assessment/Adapt
    • EDU 401 Philosophy of School Ed
    • EDU 716 Global Trends in Education
    • EDU 791 Instructional Design Project

High school math teacher (public, private, Christian, international)

Middle school math teacher (public, private, Christian, international)

Instructional Coach

Curriculum Designer

Graduate studies in mathematics

Graduate studies in physics, biology, and chemistry

Graduate studies in engineering

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An Affordable Education

While the cost of a Cairn University education is competitive with similar institutions, we realize you may need financial assistance to take this journey.  You are not alone. 97% of our full-time undergraduate students receive some form of financial assistance. 

Meet Our Faculty

Kate Mehmel

Kate Mehmel

Assistant Professor, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Kate Mehmel is a Cairn graduate who returned to the University after teaching high school math for 13 years. She (slowly) worked on a MA in Mathematics from Villanova while teaching, coaching, running youth group, and counseling at summer camp. She loves teenagers. She also loves to camp, hike, and generally to be outside, though inside with a book and a cup of coffee is also lovely. She spends most of her time with her toddler Eliana, who is (usually) a delight and in whom she is trying to instill a love of both the outdoors and books.

Sheryl Vasso

Sheryl Vasso

Chair, MS in Education; Professor, School of Education

Dr. Vasso teaches on diverse topics in education, including models of teaching, educators and education in film, children’s literature, curriculum design, and assessment. She has taught at all levels from elementary to post-graduate, including teaching teachers on 5 different continents.

In addition to teaching at Cairn, she is founder and president of Words of Worth, Inc. In that ministry, she teaches and writes Bible studies on various topics and books of the Bible. She enjoys speaking for church and para-church organizations, national and international conferences, and for various schools providing professional in-services for educators.

What Our Students Have To Say

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Kathyrn Reid

I appreciate the genuine excitement evident in the math teachers for their discipline. They're not just excited about math, they want their students to appreciate it too. The small class sizes also allow us to get to know not just the professors, but other students and work at a more personalized pace.

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