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Gap Year Programs

Cairn University gives students the opportunity to examine their broad and diverse interests in a cohort setting through a variety of Christian gap year programs. These are dynamic one-year accredited university experiences perfect as a gap year after high school or to build a foundation for further study.

gap year programs

Program Partners

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OneLife Institute

Cairn partners OneLife to provide opportunities for students across the country. This program is focused on developing community, working to understand the structure and doctrines of the Bible, and developing an overarching biblical worldview.
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Camp-of-the-Woods LIFT

Cairn also offers a program that allows students participating in CAMP-of-the-WOODS’ LIFT program to earn college credit while taking classes in the program.

Additional Information

Cairn University also offers a number of Study Abroad programs through partnerships with BestSemester, GO-ED, Rome With Purpose, Veritas Christian Study Abroad, and Jerusalem University College.

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