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Admissions (Undergraduate) 877.786.2728 [email protected]
Admissions (Graduate) 866.617.4723 [email protected]
Admissions (International) +1.215.702.4244 [email protected]
Alumni Relations 215.702.4393 [email protected]
Athletics 215.702.4406 [email protected]
Business Services (Student Accounts/Payments) 215.702.4201 [email protected]
Campus Store 215.702.4300 [email protected]
Career Development (Pathway Center) 215.702.4422 [email protected]
Center for University Studies 215.702.4211 [email protected]
Communications and Marketing 215.702.4505 [email protected]
Community Life 215.702.4217 [email protected]
Degree Completion Program 800.423.8262 [email protected]
Development (University Advancement) 215.702.4390 [email protected]
Counseling Programs 215.702.4224 [email protected]
Facility Reservations 215.702.4308
Finance and Administration 215.702.4345 [email protected]
Financial Aid 877.726.2445 [email protected]
Health Center 215.702.4334 [email protected]
Human Resources (Employment) 215.702.4314 [email protected]
Institutional Research 215.702.4337 [email protected]
Library 215.702.4370 [email protected]
Mailroom 215.702.4320 [email protected]
Maintenance (Campus Services) 215.702.4346 [email protected]
Milestone (Student Yearbook) 215.702.4409 [email protected]
Ministry Center 215.702.4219 [email protected]
Oasis Counseling Center 215.702.4224 [email protected]
Pioneer College Caterers (Dining) 215.702.4257 [email protected]
President's Office 215.702.4335 [email protected]
Provost’s Office 215.702.4345 [email protected]
Public Relations 215.702.4866 [email protected]
Regency Foundation (Planned Giving) 877.475.2694 [email protected]
Registrar's Office 215.702.4293 [email protected]
Safety and Security 215.702.4350 [email protected]
School of Business 215.702.4379 [email protected]
School of Divinity 215.702.4228 [email protected]
School of Education 215.702.4287 [email protected]
School of Liberal Arts & Sciences 215.702.4259 [email protected]
School of Music 215.702.4329 [email protected]
Student Life 215.702.4213 [email protected]
Student Senate 215.702.4408 [email protected]
Technology Services 215.702.4554 [email protected]
Ticket Line (Concerts/Events) 215.702.4351 [email protected]
The Scroll (Student Newspaper) 215.702.4866 [email protected]
Website 215.702.4317 [email protected]
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