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Fitness Center

The Cairn Fitness Center provides a variety of high quality strength and cardio equipment for the fitness, athletic training, and recreational use of the Cairn University community.

The Fitness Center is located on the lower level of the Mason Activity Center. Showers and lockers are also available at the far end of the MAC.

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Rules and Regulations

  • Proper attire must be worn at all times (no halter tops, sports bras only, half shirts, plastic or rubberized suits, cut-offs, or street clothes are allowed). Proper attire includes proper footwear, so only closed-toe athletic shoes are permitted (sandals, bare feet, street shoes, flats, boots, etc. are unacceptable). Jeans, slacks, and skirts are also not allowed.
  • No one under the age of 16 is allowed to use the Fitness Center at any time.
  • Physical education classes, as well as athletic teams, will have priority on all machines during scheduled class/practice time(s), which may include private use of the facility.
  • The equipment is to be used properly at all times. Any violation or abuse will result in the revocation of Fitness Center privileges.
  • Weights are to be re-racked after use.
  • Users are required to clean the machines/benches/weights after each use. Cleaning stations are available throughout the Fitness Center for your convenience.
  • Please utilize the lockers along the wall for storing personal items. Whenever possible, users should utilize the locker rooms. Cairn is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Personal towels will not be supplied at any time. If you wish you use a towel while you work out, you need to bring one with you.
  • No food or drinks are permitted in the Fitness Center, with the exception of water bottles and fitness drinks with closable lids.
  • At no time will an unauthorized public stereo system be allowed in the Fitness Center. However, you may bring personal listening devices (e.g., iPod) and utilize the charging stations on the aerobic equipment.
  • At no time will Fitness Center users be permitted to operate the televisions. Access to the remote will be restricted to the Fitness Center student worker at all times.
  • Yelling, abusive language, or any other behavior that disturbs other users of the Fitness Center will not be permitted.
  • Unauthorized use of the Fitness Center is strictly prohibited.
  • Report any inappropriate activity, problems, or injury immediately to the Fitness Center student worker or contact the office of Student Life or Athletics department.
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Access/ID Policy


Current students and employees can use their university ID to access the Fitness Center at any time during normal operating hours. Authorized guests, including alumni and family members of faculty/staff may obtain an alumni ID as outlined below. The first alumni ID is free. Replacement of lost or damaged cards will require a $10 service fee. The ID policy is designed to maintain the security of the building, prevent unauthorized use of the facilities, protect the University from liability from unauthorized users, and provide a safe and comfortable environment for the Cairn University community.


To obtain an alumni/family identification card:

  1. **Complete the online ID Card Request.**
  2. You should receive an email from Technology Services within 1 business day, indicating that your information has been updated.
  3. Visit the Office of Student Life (located in the Smith Administration Building) to take your photo. Identification cards are issued Monday–Friday 8:30 am to 4 pm.

To gain access to the Fitness Center you must:

  • Complete a liability waiver/disclaimer. This waiver may be completed as part of the online ID Request. If you already have an ID but have yet to sign the waiver, please complete this online form. In the event that it is not completed before entering the Fitness Center, a person must fill one out at the Fitness Center desk before using any equipment.
  • Scan in with a Cairn ID. Any non-operational ID cards (i.e. broken, will not scan) must be replaced prior to entrance into the Fitness Center. Allowing access to unauthorized persons is strictly prohibited.
  • Wear proper workout attire. Please refer to the Rules and Regulations below for further clarification regarding attire.
Fitness Center Hours

Regular Hours


6 am–11 pm


3 pm–11 pm

Summer Hours


5:30 am–1 am


6 am–1 am


3 pm–1 am

Holiday Hours

Closed Nov. 25-27
Closed Dec. -Jan. 1
Closed week of Jul. 4th