Alumni Relations

Connect with your alma mater today – your way.

For more than one hundred years, Cairn University has sent out a diverse group of alumni.  The Office of Alumni Relations is your entryway back in.  Your idea of connecting may be social, spiritual, academic—or something else.  Whatever path you seek, our office is here to help you make the connections you want. 

Our goal is to serve you thoroughly and personally, leading you to share the same feeling of warm affinity for your school that we have for you—our alumni.

Homecoming alumni gathering

News & Events

Melissa Moyer

Whether you are looking for great content, to hire or network, find a former roomie, attend an event, get great alumni gear, or just tell your school what you have been doing (which we love to hear!) get in touch with us today whether you are simply curious, or need something.

Alumni Benefits

Cairn Commons Podcast

Cairn Commons is a biblically minded podcast highlighting the people, conversations, and ethos of Cairn University. Listen now!

Cairn Magazine cover

Cairn magazine is the University’s biannual print magazine. It is freely distributed to over 12,000 people worldwide to inform, equip, and inspire Cairn alumni and friends to serve Christ in the church, society, and the world. Read now!


Bringing the ethos of Cairn University into sharp focus, each edition of Triquetra contains an intellectually stimulating article or transcribed speech, providing rich, biblical content on which the Cairn community may reflect. Read now!