School of Education

Students in the School of Education study the theoretical and practical aspects of teaching and learning.

Undergraduate and graduate programs provide students with thorough preparation and credentials for teaching in public, private, Christian, and international schools. Cairn University teacher education students benefit from an approach committed to the highest degree of professional preparation and the thorough integration of a biblical worldview.

From the beginning of their studies, students spend time in classroom settings, observing, tutoring, and teaching. Student teaching placement in public and private schools, locally, nationally, and internationally, provides a broad range of experiences so students are prepared to excel in any setting.


  • Preschool-Kindergarten Education
  • Elementary/Early Childhood Education (PK-4)
  • Secondary English Education
  • Secondary Mathematics Education
  • Secondary Social Studies Education
  • Secondary Bible & History Education
  • Music Education (PK-12)
  • Health & Physical Education (PK-12)

Dual-Level Programs

  • MS in Education +
  • BS in Bible (Elem./Early Childhood Ed. (PK-4))
  • BS in Bible (Health & Phys. Ed. (PK-12))
  • BS in Bible (Secondary English Ed.)
  • BS in Bible (Secondary Mathematics Ed.)
  • BS in Bible (Secondary Social Studies Ed.)
  • BA (English)
  • BA (History)
  • BA (Mathematics)
  • MS in Special Education (Applied Behavior Analysis) +
  • BS in Education (Elem./Early Childhood Ed. (PK-4))
  • BS in Education (Health and Physical Ed. (PK-12))
  • BS in Education (Secondary English Ed.)
  • BS in Education (Secondary Mathematics Ed.)
  • BS in Education (Secondary Social Studies Ed.)
  • MS in Special Education (Instruction) +
  • BS in Education (Elem./Early Childhood Ed. (PK-4))
  • BS in Education (Health & Phys. Ed. (PK-12))
  • BS in Education (Secondary English Ed.)
  • BS in Education (Secondary Mathematics Ed.)
  • BS in Education (Secondary Social Studies Ed.)


  • Education
  • Special Education
  • TESOL (available only in conjunction with TESOL add-on certification)

Add-ons & Specializations

  • International Specializations
  • Urban Specialization
  • Special Education
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (Autism Spectrum Disorders)

Graduate Programs

  • International Opportunities
  • Germany Campus
  • International Cohorts [more info coming soon]

“I’ve already used some of my professors as references because I know that they know me well enough to be a solid reference for different jobs and teaching positions.”


Deanna Good ’19, Early Childhood Education

School of Education Faculty

  • Walter Chung / Professor; Interim ABA Coordinator
  • Rebecca Cella / Part-Time Faculty; Director of Student Teaching and Field Placement
  • Barbara Cooper  / Part-Time Faculty
  • Diane K. Kloth / Part-Time Faculty
  • Kim Bennett / Adjunct Professor
  • Pat Cook / Adjunct Professor; Program Advisor, MS in Educational Leadership and Administration
  • Jill Barnes / Adjunct Professor
  • Victoria Chandler / Adjunct Professor
  • Paula Gossard / Adjunct Professor
  • Judy E. Severns / Adjunct Professor
  • Steve Weir / Adjunct Professor
  • Martha MacCullough / Distinguished Professor Emeritus

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