School of Music

The School of Music at Cairn University is a center for imagination, innovation and excitement in the diverse world of music.

Our world-class faculty and inspired students form a community that breathes out creativity and encourages each other to excel in the exploration in music. We are looking for students who want to be educators, performers and worship leaders to walk a different path in music with us.


“I feel that my worship of God was deepened by studying the science and mechanics behind music and how it actually works. Understanding the depth and complexity of just a group of notes reminds me of studying anatomy. With both of these studies, you gain so much more appreciation for God’s creativity.”


Moses Dehart ’18,
Music (BA) and Biblical Studies

School of Music Faculty

Keyboard Studies

Voice Studies

Instrumental Studies

Composition Studies

  • Ryan Carson

Ensemble Conductors

Music Education

Music Theory and History

Worship and Music

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