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Cairn University offers a wide variety of ensembles and bands to churches, schools, camps, outreach events, and conferences in the greater Philadelphia region. See below for more details and to request a group for your event.


(approx. 20 members)
Directed by Dr. David Shockey

The University’s concert choir. Touring and performing for audiences across the country and around the world, the University Chorale performs major choral works from the standard repertoire. Among the featured selections are oratorios, hymn settings, and spiritual arrangements. This unique cross-section of the University has representatives of nearly all of the 60+ degree programs offered at Cairn.

Gospel Choir

(approx. 50 members)
Directed by Deion Payton 

The Gospel Choir is sure to delight audiences in performances of traditional and contemporary gospel music. This auditioned student ensemble performs on and off-campus throughout each semester. Join our students as they express this profound music in worship to their great King Jesus.

Handbell Choir 

(approx. 15 members)
Directed by Mr. Kenneth Borrmann

A five-octave choir with four-octave choir chimes. The Handbell Choir performs classical and sacred music which feature dynamic techniques and compositional approaches within the context of the handbell repertoire. Soloists and instrumentalists frequently collaborate with the Handbell Choir on concert programs. Contact us for more information on how this might suit your musical taste.


(approx. 7 members)
Directed by Mr. Kenneth Borrmann

Laudate (praise) is a select group of highly skilled, dynamic, and spiritually mature music majors that study in the School of Music at Cairn University. Their ministry takes them to schools, churches, and special events in the greater Philadelphia area and beyond. The ensemble seeks to bring  glory to the Master Musician through performances of sacred, classical, and non-classical repertoire. The members of Laudate also offer masterclass sessions for educational environments in order to encourage the next generation of musicians in their musical growth.

OTW (On The Way)

(6 members)

On The Way (or OTW, as the kids say) is the University’s traveling worship band. OTW travels to camps and conferences throughout the academic year and the summer to lead worship from their distinct style blend of modern hymns and contemporary worship music. In the past, OTW has traveled, performed, and represented Cairn at YoliJwa, Camp Orchard Hill, Spruce Lake, Camp of the Woods, and many other churches, camps, and conferences. OTW is continually sought after, as their performances are indicative not only of talented musicians, but those who clearly represent Christ.

Request a Cairn music group to perform at your event

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