School of Divinity

Cairn’s School of Divinity prepares men and women to serve as biblically minded men and women of character — in whatever capacity.

With a commitment to Christ, the church, and the Scriptures, Cairn’s programs seek to cultivate students’ intellectual and spiritual growth and prepare them to explore religious, cultural, and moral issues of the church, society, and world. Whether you are called to be a pastor, missionary, worship leader, elder, teacher, or lay person, Cairn’s programs equip students with a foundational knowledge of Bible and theology that you can apply to the activities of daily life, ministry, and vocation.


  • Bible Ministries
  • Biblical Studies
  • Camping Ministries
  • Christian Studies
  • Intercultural Studies
  • Pastoral Ministries
  • Youth & Family Ministry


  • Bible
  • Intercultural Studies
  • Urban Ministry
  • Youth & Family Ministry

First Year Programs

  • Israel & Archaeology First Year Program
  • Urban Ministry First Year Program

Dual-Level Programs

  • Master of Arts (Religion) +
  • BS in Bible (Christian Studies)
  • BS in Youth and Family Ministry

Graduate Programs

  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Theology
  • Master of Arts (Religion)

There are many opportunities to do [ministry] on and off campus, and those opportunities are really helpful as I’m learning things that really help solidify my own faith as I’m having the chance to do what I love.”

Josh Handzlik ’19
Christian Studies

School of Divinity Faculty

  • Lynn-Marie Cacoilo / Adjunct Professor
  • Cameron Garven / Adjunct Professor
  • James Harvey / Adjunct Professor
  • Ronald Hoch / Adjunct Professor
  • Anthony Hurst / Adjunct Professor
  • John (Jack) O’Brien / Adjunct Professor
  • Gabriel Wang-Herrera / Adjunct Professor
  • Daniel Young / Adjunct Professor
  • Richard D. Emmons / Professor Emeritus
  • Julius C. Bosco / Professor Emeritus
  • G. Robert Kilgore / Professor Emeritus
Hebrew class

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