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Cairn’s School of Divinity prepares men and women to serve as biblically minded men and women of character — in whatever capacity. With a commitment to Christ, the church, and the Scriptures, Cairn’s programs seek to cultivate students’ intellectual and spiritual growth and prepare them to explore religious, cultural, and moral issues of the church, society, and world. Whether you are called to be a pastor, missionary, worship leader, elder, teacher, or lay person, Cairn’s programs equip students with a foundational knowledge of Bible and theology that you can apply to the activities of daily life, ministry, and vocation.

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Undergraduate Programs
Bible Ministries

Bible Ministries is a 2-year program, designed for the student who has earned either an associate or bachelor’s degree, or has completed 64 credits of college work at another institution.

The Bible Ministries program builds upon the general education already earned in another discipline at another institution and helps students develop an understanding of the Bible that will serve them in life and lay ministry. Students from this program are also prepared for further study in seminary or graduate school.

Biblical Studies

The Biblical Studies program is designed for students preparing for vocational ministry or graduate study.  The program adds an additional 27 credits of biblical and theological courses beyond the core Bible curriculum for those students who want a deeper and more extensive biblical and theological education. Students in this program study Greek or Hebrew and delve deeply into the biblical text under the instruction of professors who have years of experience in and passion for ministry.

Camping Ministries

The Camping Ministries program provides classroom theory and hands-on experience, equipping students for service in the ministry of Christian camping. Through the program, students gain a solid foundation in biblical studies and the liberal arts, as well as training from Camping Ministry experts in the areas of camp management, maintenance, public relations, counseling, organization, programming, teaching, and safety.  Students spend 11 months in an intensive hands-on educational experience at Camp Forest Springs in Westboro, WI. Upon completion, students earn a B.S. in Bible degree with a concentration in Camping Ministry.

Christian Studies

The Christian Studies program is designed for students who desire to earn a degree in Bible while gaining a broad educational exposure or focusing on a particular discipline.  The large number of upper level electives required in this program allows students to explore interests in any school or department of the University. Furthermore, the Christian Studies program is compatible with any of the professional minors offered at Cairn. Students will:

  • Form a robust worldview informed by biblical truth and a broad knowledge base
  • Demonstrate proficiency in one or more academic disciplines
  • Develop integrated thinking among their academic pursuits
Intercultural Studies

Built on a strong Bible curriculum, this program prepares students to work effectively in cross-cultural contexts within the United States and around the world. Development of the inter-cultural competencies necessary to build relationships with people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds is emphasized. Students are prepared to adjust to life and work in a different culture, to work in teams, and to proclaim Christ in culturally appropriate ways. Upon successful completion of the program, the student earns a B.S. with an Intercultural Studies major.

Pastoral Ministries

The Pastoral Ministries program gives students exposure to essential areas of pastoral ministry.  Students get both the biblical foundation necessary to study and preach the word, and the practical foundation necessary to lead and manage a church. Students may take elective courses in bible and theology, church ministry, camping ministry, counseling, missions, pastoral ministry, youth ministry, and biblical languages.

Youth and Family Ministry

The Youth and Family Ministry program prepares students to lead a ministry to students and their parents in church and para-church settings. This program focuses on developing a strong biblical philosophy of ministry by understanding the needs, culture, and developmental issues of adolescents. Students in this program also learn to recruit and equip a team of volunteer leaders and build a family-based ministry that equips parents to disciple their teenagers.

Dual-Level Degrees

Through Cairn’s dual-level degree programs, students can earn a Bachelors and Masters degree in as little as five years. The dual-level programs offer student all the benefits of the dynamic undergraduate university student life and programs.

Students can apply for the Dual-Level program after completing 60 credits of undergraduate study.  Admission is based on GPA, extracurricular experience, Christian character, and demonstration of potential to be successful in graduate counseling studies.

Dual-Level Degrees offered through the School of Divinity:

  • BS Bible + MA Religion
  • BS Youth & Family Ministry + MA Religion

Students at Cairn have the opportunity to earn a minor along with their bachelor’s degree. Students can add a minor from the School of Divinity regardless of their major. In some majors, students can add a minor without adding credits to their program, but most professional programs require the addition of credits to existing program requirements. Speak to your admissions counselor for more information.

Minors offered through the School of Divinity:

  • Bible minor
  • Intercultural Studies minor
  • Urban Ministry minor
  • Youth & Family Ministry minor

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School of Divinity Faculty

Lynn-Marie Cacoilo / Adjunct Professor
Robert Collins / Adjunct Professor
Cameron Garven / Adjunct Professor
Anthony Hurst / Adjunct Professor
Robert Kramer / Adjunct Professor
Brian Murawski / Adjunct Professor

John (Jack) O’Brien / Adjunct Professor
Brian Onken / Adjunct Professor
Gabriel Wang-Herrera / Adjunct Professor
Daniel Young / Adjunct Professor
Richard D. Emmons / Professor Emeritus
Julius C. Bosco / Professor Emeritus
G. Robert Kilgore / Professor Emeritus

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