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Christian Studies Dual-level Program (BS in Bible + MA Religion)

Whether in a church or parachurch setting, begin your full-time ministry faster with the BS in Bible + MAR dual-level program.

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Why Christian Studies BS + MA in Religion?

The BS in Bible + Master of Arts (Religion) dual-level program is designed for students with a wide range of ministry and professional goals. All students receive a broad foundational education in the inerrant Word of God and in the key doctrines of the Christian faith. Students take foundational courses, plus innovative courses designed to prepare them for teaching, preaching, and other ministries in the local church. All courses are designed and taught by Cairn professors, who bring their scholarly expertise and ministry experience to bear.

The Cairn University dual-level BS in Bible/MAR program allows you to condense what would be six years of study (four-year bachelor’s + two-year master’s) into just five years by starting master-level courses as early as your junior year. You’ll be able to complete all requirements for both degrees in as few as five years without taking summer courses. 

You will also continue to receive your undergraduate scholarships and tuition aid for all five years of study, which will save you thousands of dollars.

Christian Studies at Cairn

Academic Opportunity

Study the Bible cover to cover, taking courses that range from surveys of the Old Testament to exegetical studies of Revelation.

Career Preparation

Develop the skills of pastoral or lay ministry.

Personalized Education

Deeply explore each branch of systematic theology and the history of theology.

Graduate School Preparation

Take graduate-level courses on campus or online.

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Get an inside look at our Christian Studies + MA in Religion program

There are over 70 unique programs at Cairn to choose from! Not sure if this is the best program for you? Here are some more details to help you decide.

Required Credits: 150

Curriculum Highlights: 

    • CHM 621 The Spiritual Life
    • BIB 704 Psalms/Wisdom Lit
    • BIB 703 OT Prophets
    • BIB 712 Pauline Epistles
    • BIB 713 Gen Epistles/Revelation

Senior Pastor

Associate/Assistant Pastor

Camp Director

Bible Teacher



Professor (with further study

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An Affordable Education

While the cost of a Cairn University education is competitive with similar institutions, we realize you may need financial assistance to take this journey.  You are not alone. 97% of our full-time undergraduate students receive some form of financial assistance. 

Meet Our Faculty

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Gregory Parker Jr.

Assistant Professor, School of Divinity

Gregory Parker Jr. joined the School of Divinity faculty in 2022. He teaches courses in systematic theology at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, including Triune God, Narrative of Redemption, and Life and Calling.

After graduating from Cairn University in 2013, Greg pursued graduate school in theology, receiving an MDiv and a ThM from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, MA.

He completed his PhD in systematic theology at the University of Edinburgh under the supervision of James Eglinton. His dissertation focuses on the relationship between the dogmatics and ethics of the 19th century Dutch Reformed theologian, Herman Bavinck. He also played lacrosse for the University of Edinburgh.

In addition to teaching, Greg loves Philadelphia sports, hanging with friends and family, and advocating for Tame Impala.

He is delighted to be teaching at Cairn because, in his words, “Students here are guided toward a different path than that of the world, but it is the glorious and narrow path that all Christians are called to walk—one in which we ‘cleave to God’ (Ps. 73:28) and make much of his love.”

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Brian Luther

Professor of Old Testament, School of Divinity

Dr. Brian Luther teaches various Bible classes, including Pentateuch, Old Testament, wisdom literature, and the Gospels.  His research interests include ancient Jewish and Christian biblical interpretation, as well as interpreting and applying biblical narrative today.

Before pursuing biblical studies, Dr. Luther earned his doctorate in electrical engineering.  Among more serious pursuits, this background prepared him to coach a high school robotics team, an opportunity that he looks forward to having again someday.

What Our Students Have To Say

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Makenzie Landis

I have found the Christian studies program to be a good fit for me, as it allows me to take the Bible classes I enjoy while also allowing flexibility to take other classes to fit the type of ministry I would like to go into. The faculty are incredible, and I’ve appreciated the mentorship I’ve been able to have with many of my professors.

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