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Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center helps students determine their personal academic needs and create an individualized Student Success Plan to aid their academic success at Cairn University. To utilize these services, stop by the Academic Resource Center or use the online resources. Services are free to all Cairn University students.

student mentor in the academic resource center

Disability Services

Policies & Procedures

Cairn University is committed to providing a supportive environment for students with disabilities to have equal access to curriculum and facilities. The University complies with all applicable provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as amended, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. As part of the Academic Resource Center, Disability Services seeks to provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations to qualified students with disabilities, while promoting student responsibility, personal growth, self-advocacy, and independence.

Forms & Helpful Links

Application for Accommodations

Students who wish to request accommodations are required to self-report their disability through submitting an Application for Accommodations, submitting relevant documentation, and meeting with the Coordinator of Disability Services, Ericka Potts. Schedule a meeting here.

Ericka Potts, Director, Academic Resource Center
[email protected]

Annie Vincent, Coordinator, Academic Resource Center
[email protected]

Each student who submits an Application for Accommodation is evaluated on an individual basis, and all disability-related information is kept confidential. If a student qualifies for academic accommodations, the Director of Academic Resources will generate an official Letter of Accommodation that specifies the student’s approved accommodations and is distributed to faculty. In order for faculty to support the student in receiving the accommodations, the student is responsible to discuss the implementation of specific approved accommodations as outlined in the Student Responsibilities Form.

Exam Accommodations

Students who qualify to receive testing accommodations must first apply and complete the process outlined above.

Once approved, students with testing accommodations must:

  1. Schedule an exam using the ARC Testing Calendar.
  2. Complete the Test Information Request Form. This informs the professor, who sends the form back to the ARC with the exam.

Exams must be proctored within 24 hours of when the exam was administered in class. The exam should be scheduled in the ARC at least one week ahead of time to ensure that space is available.

Students cannot use the ARC for testing accommodations without an appointment.

Students cannot take exams in the ARC without approved testing accommodations.

Writing Lab

ARC ProofreadingFor one-on-one help with academic writing and assignments, students can visit the Writing Lab, located in the Academic Resource Center.

The Writing Lab is a tutoring service open to all undergraduate, graduate, and degree completion students. Students at all levels of writing ability can utilize the Lab as a resource for honing organizational, grammar, and formatting skills, as well as for assistance in communicating one’s own original ideas and writing style.

The Writing Lab works with writers at any stage of the writing process, from pre-writing to editing at the sentence level. Services are free of charge.

Lab Hours
Mon-Fri: 10am-5pm
Evening and weekend assistance available by appointment only
Online appointments available for Distance Learning, Degree Completion, and Graduate students



Helpful Resources

Student Success Mentoring Program

The Academic Resource Center Mentoring Program exists to aid students in the Academic Success Program as well as Students with Disabilities in their transition to the Cairn community by providing guidance and academic support. ASP students and students with disabilities should be given the opportunity to succeed and the Student Success Mentoring Program creates an environment for success by paring each student with a peer, faculty, or staff mentor. The program accentuates academic excellence by helping our students create realistic goals, while teaching them time management and study skills. The Student Success Mentoring Program is a relationally focused program that concentrates on the integration of the students’ academic, social, cognitive, emotional, and physical needs that affect the students experience at Cairn.

If you would like to apply to be a Student Success Mentor, please refer to the Job Opportunities tab.

Tutoring Services

Subject Specific Tutoring

The Academic Resource Center is committed to providing tutoring for all subjects. For tutoring in Math, English Language Learning, Bible, Science, or any other subject, schedule an appointment with the ARC.

Math Lab

The Math Lab is a tutoring service open to all undergraduate, graduate, and degree completion students. Students at all levels of mathematics can utilize the Lab as a resource for honing mathematical skills and better understanding material from class. Schedule an appointment.

English Language Partnerships

Students looking for assistance in improving their English speaking and listening skills can contact the Academic Resource Center to receive an English Language Partner. English Language Partners help students develop their English speaking and listening skills through real conversation and targeted exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the peer tutors and what do they do?

The ARC peer tutors serve to aid students in their education at Cairn by offering additional one-on-one help outside the classroom to meet the needs of students who are struggling with a specific subject or assignment.

Peer tutors provide explanations of specific subject-related concepts and ideas, as well as clarifications of assignment requirements when necessary.

Each peer tutor displays above proficient performance in the specific subject area and is therefore qualified to meet the needs of any student in that subject.

What subjects are available for tutoring?

The following subjects* are currently available for tutoring:

  • Bible (Intro to Bible, Intro to Christian Theology, Apologetics, Gospels, Pentateuch, etc.)
  • Humanities (Lit & Arts, Philosophy, World History, Sociocultural Studies, etc.)
  • Mathematics (Intro to Mathematical Thinking, College Algebra, Statistics, etc.)
  • Music (Music Theory, Aural Skills, etc.)

*If the subject for which you wish to request tutoring is not listed, please contact the ARC Coordinator. We may be able to assist you or direct you to other helpful resources.

How do I schedule a tutoring session?

The ARC tutoring service does not offer walk-in appointments; all scheduling for tutoring sessions must be made through the ARC Coordinator.

Please schedule your tutoring appointment at least two days in advance. If you wish to make your appointments recurring, please contact the ARC Coordinator to make any changes.

Each individual tutoring session is between 30 minutes to an hour long. The session must not exceed an hour. For additional time, please contact the ARC Coordinator to schedule a different appointment on another day.

If you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment for any reason, please contact the ARC Coordinator.

What if I am late for my appointment?

Please arrive for your appointments on time, preferably 5 minutes in advance. In case of a lateness, please be advised of the following waiting times:

  • for a 30-minute session: 5 minutes into the session’s scheduled time
  • for an hour long session: 10 minutes into the session’s scheduled time

If you arrive for your appointment later than the above waiting times, your appointment will be cancelled. For regularly scheduled recurring appointments, two latenesses/no-shows will result in the cancellation of all recurring appointments and will require you to schedule each subsequent appointment individually.

When scheduling, please choose a time that is convenient for you. In case of a possible lateness, it is advisable to reschedule your appointment.

What should I bring to my tutoring session?

Please bring any relevant class materials, such as:

  • class syllabi
  • assignment requirements/rubrics
  • textbooks
  • Bible (for Bible tutoring)
  • notebook or scrap paper
  • writing utensils

You are also highly advised to bring your laptop/tablet and a planner/calendar to the session.

How do I cancel my appointment?

If you wish to cancel your tutoring appointment, please contact the ARC Coordinator at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time.

For recurring appointments: three cancellations will result in the termination of all recurring appointments. If this happens, all subsequent appointments will be one-time appointments.

What else should I know about tutoring at the ARC?

The ARC tutoring service is free for all Cairn students and is not a private service: peer tutors offer explanations and clarifications of class material but do not reteach the class.

Tutoring sessions can take place at the ARC, the library’s curriculum lab, or any other public area on campus, as agreed between the tutor and the tutee.

The ARC tutoring service exists to help students with subject-specific content only. If you are seeking help for writing skills, please schedule a Writing Lab appointment by emailing [email protected], or in person at the ARC.

Once you schedule your appointment, you will be asked to fill out a brief survey about your tutoring needs and desired areas of improvement.

Additional Services

ARC Time Management Help

Time Management

Time Management Sessions help students to plan their time and use it well. Come and learn how to prioritize, work ahead, be intentional, and feel the freedom that comes with a well-constructed schedule. In Time Management Sessions, Academic Coaches show students how to use class syllabi in conjunction with online and paper tools to manage their time better. This can be a one-time or weekly recurring session.


Study Skills

Within Study Skill Sessions, students will evaluate their own study habits as well as develop new study skills to help them become successful learners and test takers.


ARC Online Workshops

Online “How-To” Workshops

Follow this link to access helpful workshops from the Academic Resource Center on our eLearning page. Workshops include:

  • Time Management
  • Study Skills
  • Note-Taking Skills
  • Reading Skills

Each workshop consists of a video followed by a brief quiz. To join, simply enroll as a student.

Job Opportunities

The Academic Resource Center is looking to hire motivated, academically competent student workers to provide academic support for all students desiring assistance. The student worker positions include:

  • Student Success Mentor
  • Writing Lab Peer Writing Mentor
  • Math Lab Tutor
  • Subject-Specific Tutor (e.g. music, science, etc.)
  • English Language Partner
  • Student Note-Taker


If you are interested in working for the Academic Resource Center, please

(1) complete the online application and select the specific position you are applying for;

(2) if required by the position, provide the name and email of a professor or reference, and

(3) read and sign the Confidentiality Agreement.

For any position, you may apply for Ministry Credit on the University Ministry Center eLearning portal.

You can also stop by our office on the 2nd floor mezzanine of the Masland Library Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm for information about open positions, job descriptions, or any other inquiries. You may also contact us via email at [email protected].




Contact the Academic Resource Center

Ericka Potts

Director, Academic Resource Center

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