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Master of Science in Counseling

At Cairn, we believe that psychological health centers on the restoration of relationship — with God and with our fellow man. Building on classroom learning, our students practice models and techniques for healing relationships through weekly labs with an intimate cohort of fellow believers preparing to serve the Great Reconciler, Jesus Christ.

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Why Master of Science in Counseling?

Your dedication to caring for others is supported by the courses and content our Master of Science in Counseling supplies. As you seek to be prepared professionally, our MSC program will also prepare you as an individual with a worldview rooted in Christ.

Program Objectives

  1. Students demonstrate an understanding of counseling from a Christian perspective.
  2. Students demonstrate proficient knowledge and skills in the areas of:
    • Clinical Mental Health Counseling
    • Professional counseling orientation and ethical practice
    • Social and cultural diversity and multicultural awareness and sensitivity
    • Human growth and development
    • Career development
    • Counseling theory and helping relationships
    • Group counseling and group work
    • Assessment and testing
    • Research and program evaluation

Master of Science in Counseling at Cairn

Biblical Integration

The emphasis on biblical worldview is an important element of the MSC curriculum. First, it reflects the University’s academic mandate to first and foremost serve students, the church and the world as an evangelical, biblically-based institution. Second, the ability to think about persons and their problems from the vantage point of a Christian worldview is especially vital in counseling where the need to engage in dialogue with and a critique of research and applied psychology and psychotherapy defines “Christian” and “non-Christian” counseling. In addition, the MSC curriculum informs students about the practice of counseling in a culturally diverse environment in which numerous aspects influence both the needs of people and the kinds of effective counseling services that can be provided both within the context of a distinctly Christian ministry and the society at large.

Hands-On Education

The counseling faculty teaches counseling as an art that must be practiced in order to be mastered. From the first day to the last day in the program, students participate in laboratories and/or practical field experiences that serve as realistic training environments. Students learn basic counseling skills, an individual assessment model, a marriage counseling model, and group counseling through hands-on, trial and error rehearsals under the watchful eyes and artful supervision of the faculty. By the time students complete 48 credits and begin their practicum and internship they will have spent more than 160 hours of their graduate education putting into practice the skills, concepts and models they learned in their core lecture courses.

Experienced Faculty

Cairn’s counseling faculty are committed to teaching counseling by example. This requires personal involvement with students both inside and outside the classroom. The counseling faculty are involved with students as people immersed in professional life and ministry and are committed to giving students the same personal attention and respect they will one day give to their counselees. From assistance with the application process and advice on registering for courses to classroom interaction and one-on-one lab supervision, our faculty and staff make it a priority to focus on each student as a unique individual. This is essential to helping each student realize their full potential.

Academic Opportunity

Students of the MS in Counseling program have the opportunity to apply to Oasis Counseling Center for their Practicum and Internship which occurs during the third year of the program. Cairn has the privilege to offer the counseling services of staff and intern counselors to graduate and undergraduate students of the University as well as to members of the surrounding community. Oasis offers a number of exceptional students a professional and unique training opportunity which includes; Integration of Technology (live & recorded video) with Student Training Diversity of Clinical and Subclinical Presentations Broad Range of Clientele Demographics Individual and Group Supervision Collegial Atmosphere of Support Access to a Variety of Counseling Resources Concentrated Hands on Trainings

Career Preparation

Cairn’s MSC program is a 60-credit program which provides students with the preparation needed to be eligible for professional licensure. Many of Cairn’s graduates have become licensed counselors in various states though most students pursue and become licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. For additional information pertaining to licensure please see our licensure page and/or contact the Director of Practicums & Internships. Students who wish to pursue licensure in states other than Pennsylvania and New Jersey should review the state licensure links on our licensure page and investigate state licensure requirements for state(s) of interest to ensure that Cairn’s MSC program meets each state’s requirements.

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Required Credits: 60

Curriculum Highlights: 

  • CSG 611 Psychopathology
  • CSG 711 Group Counseling
  • CSG 851 Career Development Counsel
  • CSG 856 Research Methods/Prog Eval
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An Affordable Education

While the cost of a Cairn University education is competitive with similar institutions, we realize you may need financial assistance to take this journey.  You are not alone. 97% of our full-time undergraduate students receive some form of financial assistance. 

Meet Our Faculty

Jeff Black

Jeffrey Black

Chair, Graduate Counseling; Professor, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Dr. Jeffrey Black teaches on a variety of topics within psychology & counseling, including marriage & family counseling, group counseling, psychopathology, student behavioral disabilities, and psychological development across the lifespan.

Dr. Black has served in the Counseling profession for over 30 years.  A licensed psychologist, he has served as a counselor in private practice, as Clinical Director of Christ Home for Children and, for 21 years, as Associate Pastor at Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia.  In addition to teaching at Cairn, he has also published in the Journal of Biblical Counseling and taught counseling and psychology at seminaries and through the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation.

Kim Jetter

Kim R. Jetter

Faculty, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Kim completed her MS in Counseling at Cairn University. Areas of academic interest include Traumatology and Attachment-Based Therapies in work with individuals, couples, and families. Prior to joining the faculty at Cairn, Kim briefly taught as an adjunct professor at Rider University in the Marketing Department. She also maintains a private counseling practice.

Outside the classroom, she enjoys the arts, film, reading, long walks especially at the beach, and gathering with friends and family over tea/coffee. Kim is married to James Jetter and is the mother of two young adult sons.

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