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Counseling Practicum & Internship Resources

The Practicum and Internship are a required element of the educational experiences necessary for licensure in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a professional counselor, as well as in many other states. When a student is finishing the first year of the MSC program or beginning the second year, he/she should talk to the Director of Practicum & Internships and begin thinking about and investigating potential practicum and internship placements.

The resources on this page are provided to help students understand the goals, requirements, and operating procedures for participating in the practicum and internship training experiences.

Professional Practice Year of the MSC

The Professional Practice Year of the MSC is comprised of 14 credits/6 courses that are educational content areas required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the State of New Jersey in order to obtain licensure. Typically, the majority of coursework for the Professional Practice Year takes place on Tuesday evenings and is completed in one calendar year.


Application Process

When students are in the first semester of their second year of the MSC program, the student must complete the Professional Practice Year Audit to participate in the Practicum and Internship courses. Audits are due no later than December 1 as students must begin the process of securing practicum and internship sites for the upcoming summer and fall semesters.

Students who have graduated from Cairn’s 48 credit master’s degree who wish to return and complete the 12 additional credits required for state licensure may also apply to the Professional Practice Year to complete state educational requirements. Returning students who wish to apply to the Professional Practice Year must submit a Graduate Re-Admission Application. 

Professional Practice Year Typical Schedule

CSG 851 – Career Development Counseling
CSG 860 – Professional Development Practicum

CSG 891 – Professional Internship I
CSG 856 – Research Methods & Program Evaluation

CSG 892 – Professional Internship II
CSG 857 – Assessment & Appraisal: Testing and Diagnostic Procedures

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