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Psychology (BA)

Study the human mind and behaviors and prepare for a variety of careers that contribute significant, lasting, and meaningful service to Christ.

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Why a Psychology (BA) Degree?

A degree in psychology is one of the most sought after undergraduate degrees with a large range of career options. This four-year program enables students to increase their ability to understand people and what makes them tick while additionally developing and growing personally.  Exposure to the scientific method, data collection and analysis through projects and classroom learning hones critical thinking and problem solving skills. This degree can also be a stepping stone for diverse graduate education options with the ability to specialize in a field of choice.

Psychology (BA) at Cairn

Biblical Integration

All instruction is grounded in the timeless Truth of God’s Word. Cairn is committed to helping you think about your career through a biblical worldview.

Career Preparation

Graduates from the program have forged careers in management, entrepreneurship, marketing, ministry, criminal studies, psychology, just to name a few.

Personalized Education

Customize your degree by choosing courses from one or more disciplines. Take charge of the the education you receive and start preparing for your dream career.

Experienced Faculty

Our courses are taught by faculty who are committed to your professional and spiritual growth.

Campus Community

Community is about more than simply taking classes together. Community is powerful, instructive, encouraging, and biblical. At Cairn, community is intentional.

Honors Program

Join the Honors Program and dive deeper into a specific field of study.

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Get an inside look at our Psychology Program

There are over 70 unique programs at Cairn to choose from! Not sure if this is the best program for you? Here are some more details to help you decide.

  • Required Credits: 120
    • Curriculum Highlights:
      • COM 111 Intro to Communications
      • POL 101 US Government & Civics
      • SCI 211 Math/Scientific Reasoning
      • PSY 321 Human Development 
  • Management 
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Ministry 
  • Criminal studies 
  • Psychology
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An Affordable Education

While the cost of a Cairn University education is competitive with similar institutions, we realize you may need financial assistance to take this journey.  You are not alone. 97% of our full-time undergraduate students receive some form of financial assistance. 

Meet Our Faculty

Charlotte Gleason web 1000

Charlotte Gleason

Chair, Humanities department

After graduating from Cairn University in 2000, Charlotte taught high school English in public schools both in Pennsylvania and New York. Her high school students inspired her to reconsider the place of adolescent literature in the classroom, and in 2006 she completed her thesis on how to integrate both the classics and YA literature in the classroom.

The birth of her first son led her to pursue higher education, and in 2007 she accepted a position as a part-time faculty member at Cairn University. composition, and education courses and serves as the Chair of the Humanities Department in the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Ruth Kuchinski Smith

Ruth Kuchinsky-Smith

Co-Chair, Sciences Department

Dr. Kuchinsky-Smith teaches on a variety of topics across psychology and research, including probability and statistics. Dr. Kuchinsky-Smith has taught at the university level for more than 30 years across the disciplines of education, special education, music, and psychology. In addition, her professional experience has taken her from the Pennsylvania Department of Education in Harrisburg to the Philadelphia Prison Systems to the School District of Philadelphia to the Milton Hershey School to freelance writing at to Lehman Memorial United Methodist Church in Hatboro, PA, where she currently serves as music director.


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