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Interdisciplinary Studies (AA)

Centered on Christ and His Word, the AA in Interdisciplinary Studies program enables you to craft your education around your interests and passions. In this program, you create an individualized path to graduation that is aligned with your unique personal career goals.

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Why Interdisciplinary Studies?

Today’s college graduates are more likely to work in multiple fields and hold a variety of jobs. This shift necessitates that college students possess a broad skill set and a high level of adaptability. Interdisciplinary Studies is a program that allows students to study two or more academic disciplines under one degree⁠—taking the knowledge of one discipline and applying it to another for a broader perspective. This puts the student in charge of their learning to fulfill their plans for a future career and makes them more marketable in the workforce.

You’re equipped with a wide range of knowledge as well as the critical and analytical skills needed to be successful in the workforce. You’ll be empowered to blend courses from multiple disciplines, providing you with boundless opportunities to explore and discover what inspires you.

Interdisciplinary Studies (AA) at Cairn

Biblical Foundation

Cairn University is committed to the centrality of Christ and the Word of God and is reflected in the curriculum and instruction. At Cairn, faith and truth do matter. We teach our students accordingly, challenge you to think deeply on these things, and strive to make you ready to serve Christ in the church, society, and the world as biblically minded men and women who not only give assent to truth but think and live in light of it.

Experienced Faculty

Our online courses are taught by faculty who are committed to your professional and spiritual growth. In addition to the carefully crafted learning activities, our faculty are substantively engaged throughout the course delivery. You don’t just have professors, you have mentors who invest in you throughout the program and often remain connected long after graduation.

Campus Community

Community is about more than simply taking classes together. It's more than having a similar experience. Community is powerful, instructive, encouraging, and biblical. And at Cairn, community is intentional. It's attended to closely as an outworking of the University’s biblical commitment and understanding that in Christ, we are one.


There's quite a bit of talk these days about the cost of higher education and the question of value. Many assume that you can't have both value and affordability, so they settle for lesser options or assume that the costliest options must have the most value. But when Cairn talks about walking a different path, value is no exception. It's possible to get a college education that is both affordable and valuable.

Support Team

Our student support team and advisors will guide you throughout your studies. They are here to help you figure out your path, working with you to select an interdisciplinary set of courses that meet you where you are, and help you get where you want to go.

Personalized Education

Customize your degree by choosing courses from one or more disciplines. Take charge of the the education you receive and start preparing for your dream career. Our advisors will guide you every step of the way.

Bachelor Degree Preparation

If you choose to remain at Cairn for further study, this program integrates seamlessly into the B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies and in most other bachelor’s degree programs.

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There are over 70 unique programs at Cairn to choose from! Not sure if this is the best program for you? Here are some more details to help you decide.

Required Credits: 60

Curriculum Highlights: 

    • BIB 203 The Pentateuch
    • MAT 211 Math/Scientific Reasoning or
    • SCI 211 Math/Scientific Reasoning
    • SOC 202 Sociocultural Studies

Because of the mix-and-match nature of interdisciplinary studies, students have a wide number of academic paths to pursue. Graduates from the program have forged careers in management, entrepreneurship, marketing, ministry, criminal studies, psychology, just to name a few.

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An Affordable Education

While the cost of a Cairn University education is competitive with similar institutions, we realize you may need financial assistance to take this journey.  You are not alone. 97% of our full-time undergraduate students receive some form of financial assistance. 

Meet Our Faculty

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Don Cheyney

Professor of Church Ministries, School of Divinity

Dr. Don Cheyney teaches pastoral and church ministries, as well as Bible classes.

During his time at Cairn, Dr. Cheyney has served in various leadership capacities, including director of the Pastoral Studies program, director of the Church Ministries program, and dean of the former School of Church and Community Ministries.

Prior to serving at Cairn, Dr. Cheyney spent 19 years as a pastor, serving three churches with Village Missions. While in seminary, he also served as a part-time associate pastor of Christian education.

Tony Hurst web 1000

Anthony Hurst

Faculty, School of Divinity

Dr. Hurst teaches several Bible courses at Cairn, including The Gospels and Intro to Bible. Beyond teaching courses, Dr. Hurst stays involved on campus through mentorship with students as well as his advisory position with the Student Cultural Association.

Dr. Hurst and his wife, Barbara Hurst ’19, have been married 39 years and have two grown children, along with four grandchildren.

What Our Students Have To Say

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Derian Bradford

Pursuing Interdisciplinary Studies has given me the opportunity to explore a wide range of courses Cairn has to offer. It has also given me the opportunity to connect with a variety of professors and provide me with a larger scope of knowledge to prepare me for my future career.

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