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Motivated by the love and justice of Jesus Christ, graduates of Cairn’s social work programs intervene in the lives of those in need—counseling individuals, locating resources, facilitating groups, and promoting change within organizations and communities. The world needs spiritually and professionally qualified individuals, characterized by grace and compassion, who provide competent interventions that change lives. For students interested in helping others, Cairn’s social work programs are essential preparation for both graduate study and employment in social services.

Historically rooted in Christianity, social work pursues the well-being of individuals, families, groups, and communities. Determined through relationship with those served, interventions include counseling, resource acquisition, policy development, community organization, advocacy, research, and education. An interdisciplinary professional and academic field, social work applies the theories of psychology, economics, science, and philosophy to meet people’s physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.

Social Work Class
Undergraduate Programs

Students in the Bachelor of Social Work program at Cairn are trained in generalist social work practice, enabling them to work at the individual level, group level, and organization and community level.  The Bachelor of Social Work degree program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.

Social workers intervene in the lives of those in need by counseling individuals and locating resources, facilitating groups with common needs, and promoting change within organizations and communities.  Social workers specialize in confronting oppression and inequality.  They can be found working effectively with the unborn, children and youth and their parents, mental health and addictions, criminal justice, gerontology and end of life issues, and all challenges people face in between. They are also well suited to work in domestic and international ministries. Cairn graduates serve in all professional areas addressing human relationships.  Graduates of Cairn’s School of Social Work BSW program earn the professional title of Social Worker and are motivated by the grace and love of Jesus Christ.

Students in this program may pair the B.S.W. with a Bachelor of Science in Bible in a double-degree option.

A number of accredited graduate schools offer advanced standing in a Master of Social Work degree program to graduates of a CSWE-accredited baccalaureate Social Work program.


The Social Service Interdisciplinary program is designed for students who are interested in helping others but do not wish to earn the credentials necessary to become a professional social worker.  Students in this program gain a foundation in social work basics, experience, and organizations as well as human and cultural diversity.

Graduates of this program earn a Bachelor of Science in Bible degree. This program is not accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.


Through Cairn’s dual-level degree programs, students can earn a Bachelors and Masters degree in as little as five years. The dual-level programs offer student all the benefits of the dynamic undergraduate university student life and programs.

Students can apply for the Dual-Level program after completing 60 credits of undergraduate study.  Admission is based on GPA, extracurricular experience, Christian character, and demonstration of potential to be successful in graduate counseling studies.

Dual-Level Degrees offered through the School of Social Work:

  • BSW + MS Nonprofit Leadership

Students at Cairn have the opportunity to earn a minor along with their bachelor’s degree. Students can add a minor from the School of Social Work regardless of their major. In some majors, students can add a minor without adding credits to their program, but most professional programs require the addition of credits to existing program requirements. Speak to your admissions counselor for more information.

Minors offered through the School of Social Work:

  • Social Work minor

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I am learning that integrating a biblical worldview and Social Work comes down to the simple act of loving one another and loving your neighbor as yourself. Jesus came down to give Himself to the world as a servant. That is the embodiment of what I’m supposed to do as a Social Worker: give myself to people, to demonstrate Jesus to the world.

Kim M.

Social Work and Bible

School of Social Work Faculty

Sharyvette Maltos / Adjunct Professor

Allison Thompson / Adjunct Professor

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