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Timothy Gierschick II in the Connie A. Eastburn Gallery

This year, the Connie A. Eastburn Gallery features the art series New Creatures by Messiah graduate Timothy Giershick II. Gierschicks’s inspiration for New Creatures comes from pursuing introspection, new possibilities, and an ongoing conversation between him and the world. 

Gierschick recalls moments in his life that continually pressed upon him the idea of self-reflection. Whether his child affinity for Through the Looking Glass or appreciation for comic artist Jim Davis, who discussed humor as the everyday looked at through a mirror, Gierschick points to these moments as further clues into the significance of his artwork.

The significance, however, lies not just in the final art piece, but also in the materials and methods that contribute to the creative process of a piece. The transformation of unassuming and discarded mediums such as paint, wood, and paper reinforces that, in expressing a new world, Gierschick also expresses a transformation of the self. Some of his notable pieces include Legend, Sap Runner, Amazon Clearing, Factotum, New Helios, Moody Moon, and The Skater uniquely display a resurrection and new life in both the materials as well as the individual.

New Creatures will be on display through November 4. For more information on Gierschick and his work, visit


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