On display in the Connie A. Eastburn Gallery:

Global City Babel

By Grace Carol Bomer

September 3 – December 10
Reception: September 3 • 6 pm

Gallery Hours:
8:30 am–4:30 pm


About the Artist

Grace Carol Bomer is a Canadian-American abstract expressionist painter who maintains a studio in the mountains of North Carolina. She has studied art at UNC Asheville and abroad in Italy and Amsterdam. Her English degree and six years as a teacher influence and inform her work as she scrawls poetic script and introduces motifs and metaphors into her visual storytelling to suggest universal themes of suffering, pilgrimage, and love. Her aesthetic language flows out of this dual love for paint and the human story.

She describes her work as being concerned with “the human condition surprised by the grace of God.” The physicality of oil paint mixed with cold wax medium, often layered on gold leaf, is the process that allows her to create abstract paintings that deal with the transcendence of an eternally relevant story.

Global City Babel

This exhibit is informed by the biblical account of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11. Pieter Bruegel’s painting, The Tower of Babel (1567) is my main motif. I find this narrative particularly relevant to our culture and the postmodern belief that language is power and necessary to create one’s own truth. Postmodernism is anti-foundational. It promotes relativistic language, where the meaning of words become merely social constructs and the world is a text. We create our image and construct a “name for ourselves.” T.S. Eliot said, “Although logos is common to all, most people live as if they had a wisdom of their own.”

The biblical Tower of Babel account points to the God who created language, who spoke the heavens and the earth into existence, who in His grace confounded the one language to spread the peoples over the earth to tend and care for it, and who entered time and space to communicate with us through the babe of Bethlehem, the Word made flesh. This Living Word redeems our babble and our towers of babel.

I incorporate both words and images in my work to point to Christ, who is The Word Incarnate. He gives meaning to all languages and all language has meaning in him (John 1).

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