On display at the Connie A. Eastburn Gallery:

“New Creatures”

By Timothy Gierschick II

September 2–November 4
Reception: September 2 • 6 pm

Gallery Hours:
8:30 am–4:30 pm

About the Artist

Timothy Gierschick II (b. 1976, Reading, PA) is an artist living and working in Philadelphia, PA. His paintings and works on paper have been exhibited and collected both nationally and internationally, including by Duane Morris LLP offices worldwide, and Capital One Bank NA. Timothy earned his Bachelor of Arts, concentrating in Printmaking, from Messiah College in 2000. He is also employed by the Barnes Foundation as a preparator. 


About New Creatures

It is a common trope that art involves “self-expression.” But the painter Balthus said (and I paraphrase), “Why express oneself; why not express the entire world?” I lean toward the latter. But it would be true to say that all of this manipulated matter—paint, wood, paper—is material with which I express myself as part of the world. And by so expressing, a new world results, one with new creatures.

At first glance, it may seem surprising that all of this different work was cut from the same cloth, made by the same artist. One way to think of it is to suspend some disbelief and imagine that all of these works might be found in the other works’ worlds and vice-versa: They could all be co-inhabitants of the same universe. That is to say, Sap Runner might be found lumbering through the background of Amazon Clearing; Factotum could be a mysterious relic being guarded by New Helios. Moody Moon may float above The Skater on his ice, and Oracle might inhabit a shadowy mountain pass in Northern Lights. Rather than being simply a menagerie, they are both menagerie and environment. Years ago, Jim Davis, the artist who created Garfield, said that humor was as simple as the everyday turned inside out and seen in a mirror. This has long worked for me as a helpful analogy for the curious impulse of artmaking. Is it any wonder that Through the Looking Glass was one of my favorite books as a child?

One thing is certain though: All of these works have come from my own psychological and imaginative world and have been inspired by the nature and culture I am suffused with—from birth until now—incorporating everything up to and including advertising and pop culture to “fine” paintings. That being said, the matter with which these paintings are made should not be forgotten: it too is the product of the world in which I operate and is crucial to the look of this body of work. I often paint on found surfaces—humble, discarded pieces that I resurrect and find new life in.

Above all, I hope that my paintings inspire wonder and spark imagination, and may both unsettle and comfort you; perhaps like me, you will feel a tinge of recognition as well as mystery. It is all an ongoing conversation between the world and me, a cycle of discovery and rediscovery, new creatures with new possibilities.

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