Cairn University believes that truth, beauty, and goodness find their source in God and that artistic, creative endeavors manifest the divine image in humankind.

Now on display in the Connie A. Eastburn Gallery:

by Jaime Helbig

September 1 – December 18

Transformation, by Jaime Helbig, is a series of oil paintings that highlights emotions involved in change. The artist describes a survival of struggles, healing from addictions and the overcoming of human flaws.

Jaime Helbig became friends with a group of individuals who were going through a Christian based recovery program hosted at her church. She saw amazing changes take place in this group of otherwise hopeless people who had been labeled as failures by family members and friends. Helbig extended her selection of models beyond a recovery program to anyone who had gone through personal struggles. She chose to highlight one important element.  All of her models had one aspect of their experience in common. They all believed that their recovery came supernaturally.

Helbig asks for the models to reflect upon their recovery. They express reflection, remorse, and some show a sense of victory within their faces and body gestures. Lighting is significant, symbolizing the divine nature of their recovery. The composition, environment and pose also communicate symbolic meaning.

Helbig’s ultimate goal is to represent hope and victory through the stories of others. She plans to continue the series for years to come. Since all of humanity is born into struggles, models will always be plenteous.


Since its beginning in 2008, The Curator has sought to celebrate cultural artifacts and inspire its readers to engage deeply with–and ultimately create–culture which enriches life and broadens experience.

Andrea Fiori, Director of the Arts & Culture First Year Program, has just published a reflection on The Curator about the previous exhibit, New Perspectives.

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Community Art Opportunities & Resources:

Cairn Community Arts AcademyCairn Community Arts Academy

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Christians in the Visual ArtsChristians in the Visual Arts

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