On display in the Connie A. Eastburn Gallery:

Dale Roberts


September 6 – December 7
Gallery Hours:
8:30 am–4:30 pm

Dale Roberts

Painting and drawing for me has been a lifelong dialogue with the visible world. At its core, my work is an editing process referencing that which has been created. My hope is to reveal something about a subject that a casual observer might overlook, something perhaps beautiful or even poignant. In our quest for meaning the opportunity to add something of value is a rewarding possibility that makes drawing and painting an exciting endeavor.

Encaustic painting, the procedure dating from Roman times, is the vehicle I currently use to carry out my investigations in paint. The work is done on a glue-prepared gesso panel, using paints consisting of beeswax, damar crystals, and dry pigments. Paint is applied hot and manipulated in any variety of methods. The final image is subjected to a heat treatment of the entire surface, known as “burning-in,” which causes the layers to fuse into a stable, inert paint film. Given the variables of pigment composition, they will often exhibit spontaneous effects, unattainable with any other medium. The practice of encaustic has become an extension of my own vision, to the point where technique and aesthetic have fused like the paintings themselves.


Dale O. Roberts was born in Waterville, NY, in 1959. Roberts is a painter, working primarily in the encaustic medium for over 35 years, as well as Silverpoint, gouache, and egg tempera. 

Roberts graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting and drawing from Tyler School of Art in 1982. He is represented at Gross McCleaf Gallery in Philadelphia, PA; Blue Heron Gallery in Wellfleet, MA; Marshall Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ; the Gallery 1261 in Denver, CO; Church Street Gallery in Westchester, PA; and Art Nou Mil-Lenni Gallery in Barcelona, Spain. 

He has paintings in many public and private collections including PECO, Rutgers University Museum, Community College of Philadelphia Museum, The Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania Hospital, and Vanguard Investment Group. Roberts currently lives and works in Norristown, PA.

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