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Cairn University Recognizes Spring 2024 Graduates

On Saturday, May 4, 2024, Cairn University celebrated 154 new graduates. This meaningful day recognized many students who were part of the incoming class that experienced the full force of the COVID-19 pandemic.

102 of graduates earned a bachelor’s degree, 66 earned a master’s degree, and two earned an associates degree. Out of the 154 graduates, 63 graduates received Latin honors.

The University also took time to recognize several individuals who earned the highest GPAs. Graduates Rebekah Ann Anderson, Emma Daubenspeck, David Douthit, Nathan Duliba, Mackenzie Landis, and Isaac Stiles completed their college studies with a 4.0 GPA. Graduate Isabelle Portis completed her studies with a 3.99 GPA.

Following a prayer given by Dr. Keith Plummer, President Williams addressed the graduates. He began by highlighting the unique circumstances of the pandemic this particular graduating class faced. As they struggled to adapt to the turmoil of COVID-19 during, for many of them, their very first year of college, they also had to take on their day-to-day responsibilities. While they tackled their collegiate duties as well as fulfilling their work and calling as Christians, these students battled isolation, sickness, and various other unexpected trials.  

In light of all these difficulties, Dr. Williams examined Mark 4. In it, the passage recounts Jesus and disciples in the storm. Whether a physical storm, or the inevitable storms of life, Dr. Williams challenged and encouraged the students to endure the storm through the strength of Christ. He commended them for their work and diligence despite COVID, reminding them that these would not be the last of the trials, and that more unpredictable storms seen in Mark 4 were inevitable. Their faith in Jesus Christ was their ultimate and most important source of hope and comfort, no matter what kind of trial. Rather than assume a hopeless, pessimistic disposition, Dr. Williams charged the graduates to “remember the One in whom you believe.” 

Congratulations, class of 2024!


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