Mathematics (BA)

Cairn’s mathematics (BA) degree prepares students for graduate school.

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Programmatic Credits


Standard Completion Time:

4 yrs


Why Study Mathematics (BA)?

This program is best-suited for those hoping to teach high school mathematics. A student may choose to enter the five-year program (BA+ master of education) to attain proper certifications for teaching. This in-depth mathematics program gives students the opportunity to become well-versed in the diversity of mathematics before they begin to teach others. With the elective course allotted in the program, students can choose to study mathematics fields that interest them the most.

Why Study Mathematics (BA) at Cairn?

  • Earn a mathematics (BA) degree and a master of education in as few as five years, all while qualifying for undergraduate financial aid.
  • This program provides a balanced background in mathematics, giving students a well-rounded understanding of all mathematics fields.
  • Students have the opportunity to delve deeper into their chosen field of mathematics, giving them the flexibility to study what they are most interested in mastering.
  • Cairn’s mathematics program is an undergraduate program that is structured to prepare students for graduate-level education.
  • Learn mathematics in conjunction with Bible/theology courses, preparing you to minister to those in STEM careers.

Career Paths

  • Math Teacher (In conjunction with MSEd)
  • Graduate studies in Mathematics
  • Graduate studies in Physics, Biology, and Chemistry
  • Graduate studies in Engineering

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