Mathematics (BA)

Build a strong understanding of mathematics to prepare for a career in advanced mathematics or education.

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Why Mathematics (BA)?

A Mathematics (BA) degree is best-suited for those hoping to teach high school mathematics. Gain training across the diverse mathematics fields including calculus, algebra, and probability & statistics. Individuals with a BA degree in mathematics are equipped for math education as well as further graduate studies in various forms of mathematics.


Why Mathematics (BA) at Cairn?

  • Study mathematics through an integrated biblical worldview that strengthens your faith in God.
  • Earn a mathematics (BA) degree and a master of education in as few as five years, all while qualifying for undergraduate financial aid.
  • Delve deeper into your chosen field of mathematics with the flexibility to study what you want to master.
  • Learn mathematics in conjunction with Bible/theology courses, preparing you to minister to those in STEM careers.
  • Interact with professors invested in you and your pursuits.


Career Paths

  • Math Teacher (in conjunction with MSEd)
  • Graduate studies in Mathematics
  • Graduate studies in Physics, Biology, and Chemistry
  • Graduate studies in Engineering