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In a world full of online program options, it can be difficult to know which college or university is just right for you.

Some schools hang their hats on their rock bottom tuition rate; others market how fast you can move through their program. And while you certainly want to find a school that is affordable and flexible to fit your busy schedule (we are both!), those aren’t the only factors to consider. Whether on-campus or online, a college education is always an investment—into yourself, your family, and your church.

Cairn Online is a distinctly biblical, Christ-centered education. All of our programs—from pastoral ministry to psychology—offer you professional preparation for your career and equip you to think critically about all of life from a biblical worldview. It’s an education that can be completed on your own time, wherever you choose to complete it: the army base, the mission field, or your kitchen table.

Wherever you’re going or wherever you are,
we invite you to walk a different path with us.

Cairn Online - A Cairn University education wherever you are

With all of the uncertainty in the world right now, we understand that the decision to start your bachelor’s degree is a difficult one. Committing to a four-year degree may even seem a little scary. But if you don’t start now, when?

Whatever you do, don’t press pause. This isn’t a time to stand in fear; it’s a time to act. This degree is your next step, and we want to help you keep moving toward that goal. Cairn Online offers an affordable and flexible college option that you can complete right where you’re at. 

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