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Toward A Theology of Things

It has always been hard for Christians to strike a balance on “things.” Either there seems a push to imply there should be no restraint with respect to material goods, or the opposite extreme: no restraint on the guilt placed on Christians for owning anything of great value. On this Cairn Commons podcast, hosts Ben Best and Nate Wambold have a conversation about this tension. The conversation starts off with the question of the state of “hobbies” among today’s youth, how people collect, why people collect, and if there is any value in being a collector/curator. Ben shares his passion for watches and from where it came and the theological implications (he’s honest about forcing it!) and Nate shares his passion for automobiles and from where it came (he’s honest about his level of mechanical knowledge). After waxing nostalgic on these and more subjects, Ben closes with some weighty thoughts on the theology behind all this, and Nate offers Clive Staples the final say. If you’re a collector, fan of analog culture, cars, watches, or just want to think critically about stuff, tune in.


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