Sport Management (BS) + MBA Dual-Level Program

Prepare for a career in the broad field of athletics while you gain a highly marketable Master of Business Administration.

Why Sport Management + MBA ?

A degree in Sport Management provides the opportunity to pursue a career in a field that is all about fun. Additionally, a Master of Business Administration equips students with the business knowledge and skills needed to succeed in a broad range of fields. If you love all things sports, want to learn more of the behind-the-scenes, and are a student-athlete or a weekend warrior, a sports management degree can help fuel your sports passion.

How it Works:

This dual-level program allows you to condense what would be six years of study (four-year bachelor’s + two-year master’s) into just five years by starting master-level courses as early as your junior year. You’ll be able to complete all requirements for both degrees in as few as five years without taking summer courses.

You will also continue to receive your undergraduate scholarships and tuition aid for all five years of study, which will save you thousands of dollars.

Why Study Sport Management + MBA at Cairn?

  • Earn a bachelor’s and Master of Business Administration in as few as five years, all while qualifying for undergraduate financial aid.
  • Grow spiritually, academically, and professionally while taking Bible, business, and sports classes.
  • Learn about the various segments within sport management, including event planning, facility management, sport communication, legal issues, the business of sports, and more.
  • Join Cairn-Enactus, a nationally ranked entrepreneurship program.
  • Utilize Cairn’s business connections to enter world-class internships while you study.
  • Be mentored by professors who have successful, global experience in business.
  • Study coursework relevant to today’s workforce
  • Graduate from a program full of successful & driven alumni. 95% of our students are employed within three months of graduation.


Career Paths

  • Business Operations of large sports corporations
  • Athletics Director
  • Own and operate a rock gym or fitness center
  • Own and operate a sporting goods store
  • Any other number of careers requiring a business degree