A Bachelors of Arts Degree in English prepares students for various workplaces, grounding them in an understanding of English grammar. Cairn prepares its English students as both scholars and Christians through analyzing and critiquing various forms of literary expression.

At a glance

Programmatic Credits


Standard Completion Time:

4 yrs


Why Study English?

This four-year program gives students a solid foundation in both literature and writing. A first year of study in American Literature opens the door to further reading from diverse authors and regions. Genre courses focusing on poetry or the development of the novel offer a comprehensive view of the various ways that English is used. The amount of literature/English electives required in the program allows students to gear their program to their interests. A foundational understanding of literary criticism primarily prepares students for graduate school. The program ends with a capstone thesis or project in the Senior Seminar course.


Why Study English at Cairn?

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree and a master’s in education in as few as five years, all while qualifying for undergraduate financial aid.
  • Navigate diverse Literary Criticism from a biblical worldview
  • Complete up to 6 credits of internship in professional workplaces
  • Complete program alongside of a Master’s in Education degree in as little as 5 years
  • Learn from professors who have varied literary interests and specialized concentrations

Career Paths

  • Graduate school
  • Editors
  • Communications specialist
  • Bloggers
  • Professors
  • Lawyers


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