Biblical Studies (AA)

Develop an intellectual perspective fueled by a robust biblical worldview and a foundation in the liberal arts—all within the context of a biblical Christian community that supports you as as you prepare for what’s next.

Why Biblical Studies (AA)?

Building a foundation of understanding in multiple disciplines—especially Bible and theology— an associate’s degree is a great educational route for (1) those who are still deciding what is the correct higher education path for them or (2) those who know what they want to do and know they don’t need a four-year degree to get there. Of course, one of the best things about an associate’s degree is that it is low-cost compared to a four-year program and it results in an in-hand diploma after two years of study. An associate’s degree in biblical studies, specifically, offers students tools for biblical literacy and skills for use in and beyond Christian circles, equipping students to confidently stand on biblical truth in the midst of secular society.

Why Biblical Studies (AA) at Cairn?

  • Receive a foundational education in Bible and theology, including a survey of the entire Old Testament and the Gospels.
  • Take core courses in other disciplines such as communications, politics, math/science, and literature and arts.
  • Receive mentorship from faculty who are personally invested in you and your studies.
  • Explore your academic interests or take multiple courses in a single discipline with the offered flexibility of six elective courses built into the program.
  • Graduate in two years and join the workforce, or choose to complete a bachelor’s degree with half of the credits (and most of the gen. ed. courses) already behind you.

Career Paths

  • Further education
  • Administrative roles in a church or other ministry