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Artist Laura Sallade Featured in the Connie A. Eastburn Gallery 

This semester’s Connie A. Eastburn Gallery features the art series Invisible Thread by Laura Sallade. Sallade’s work relies on several unique mediums including glass, silver, and resin. As the mediums are used, Sallade interacts with them to reveal layers, marks, and remains. Through this process, Sallade hopes to communicate “a mysterious and paradoxical understanding of the world, highlighting our transient and skewed perception of light through observation and materiality.” 

These effects, however, are not strictly planned. Sallade opts to ignore micromanaging the creative process: “Instead of planning every step of the process and resigning to a predetermined outcome, I allow the process to surprise me.” Sallade draws inspiration from artists such as John Cage, Pat Steir, Jose Parla, and Sam Gilliam while also relying on conveying personal emotional memories and capturing fleeting moments from her subconscious to carry this conversation through her artwork.

Sallade’s Invisible Thread series offers a unique approach to creating and defining art. While her works can be hung as paintings, they are also sculptural in their essence, balancing image and object. The outcomes featured in the gallery include “Caustic Capsule III,” “Dark Water 01,” “Urban Chaos 01,” and several others. Ultimately, her goal with them is to create pieces that offer a space to think critically, pay attention, and reflect. 
Invisible Thread will be on display through March 3. For more information on Sallade and her work, visit


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