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2023 World Reach Week: Active for the Kingdom

Pastor David Harrop speaks at Chapel

On January 23–26, 2023, Cairn University hosted World Reach Week. Building on the theme “Right Here, Right Now,” speakers and events focused on the work of participating in and anticipating God’s Kingdom as a current reality, not a distant future.

In Monday’s chapel, keynote speaker Pastor David Harrop focused on the advantages of being young adults. He called students to consider how seriously they take the great commission—to distinguish their feelings of what they think they want to do from what they are commanded to do. Encouraging them, he added that we have God-given gifts that, even if we feel as though they may not be useful in mission-oriented ways, will lead us to opportunities to use those gifts in ways that serve others and magnify the Lord.

On Wednesday, an alumni panel was able to share their thoughts on “How Is God Calling After I Graduate?” By relaying their personal experiences, the panel motivated students to persevere through difficulties or uncertainty and continue to find ways to serve God and others. The panel also encouraged the audience to engage with an individual’s faith values in order to have the chance to share the gospel in any setting students may find themselves in.

Friday’s chapel featured the Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Dr. Aneesh Khushman. Using the metaphor of his sourdough starter, Dr. Khushman pushed the students to be those who work to “pass” the gospel to others, just as he passes on some of the sourdough starter to others. Dr. Khushman also shared his own missionary journey, particularly how it led him to Cairn. His recognition that teaching is still full of missionary purpose and opportunities helped remind students that mission work can happen anywhere.

Other featured events throughout the week included the popular World Feast, Cafe and Community at mission rep’s tables, and an evangelism training session, all of which gave students more opportunities to further discuss and prepare for taking on the role of an active member of the Kingdom.


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