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Art Students Commissioned to Create Murals for Philadelphia Museum

Watch Sophomore Chara Fitch share about her experience with the project.

This past semester, the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center (FLDC) reached out to Cairn’s visual arts department requesting a project. The project parameters consisted of six individual murals that were to represent one of the FLDC’s six core values: Faith, Liberty, Justice, Unity, Hope, and Love. Six artists were then commissioned to take on the project, each selecting a value they were most passionate about. Throughout the semester, they worked diligently to blend their personal artistic creativity with a passage of Scripture chosen to inspire and inform their piece.

In November, the artists traveled to the FLDC to unveil their work. Situated within the bustling city of Philadelphia, just across the street from the prominent Liberty Bell, the Center is difficult to miss—especially with the brightly painted murals hanging outside the Center. 

Not only are the murals a representation of the Center’s values, they are also infused with gospel themes as they relate to the core values. So as crowds passed by every day for the two months the murals were on display, our artists’ work clearly proclaimed the gospel through the universal language of art.

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