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100% of Cairn’s First-Time BCBA Candidates Passed the Exam in 2020 

Cairn University is among a small number of colleges and universities who had 100% of its exam-taking students pass the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) exam on their first attempt in 2020. 
Of the 201 BCBA programs worldwide, Cairn was one of only 29 schools that had 100% of its exam-taking students pass the exam in 2020. Among this group, Cairn is one of just four schools that offers a fully online BCBA program and is the only Christian university to boast this accomplishment.* A total of eight Cairn students attempted and passed the exam.
This exam is highly rigorous, as evidenced by the fact that only 66% of first-time exam candidates passed the exam in 2020. Students sit for this exam in order to receive the highly regarded and sought-after Board Certified Behavior Analyst credential. Applied Behavior Analysis, which is practiced by BCBAs, is the most research-supported scientific treatment for autism and is highly effective for individuals with other disabilities as well.
Cairn University offers two graduate programs that meet the coursework requirements for the BCBA exam: Master of Arts (ABA) and Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis. Cairn was the first Christian university worldwide to offer a program with extensive autism training and be verified to meet BCBA exam coursework requirements. Both programs are offered fully online and in 7-week modules to increase schedule flexibility. 
This accomplishment is a testament to the exemplary curriculum, dedicated faculty, and high caliber of our graduate students. If you’re interested in studying with us in either the master’s degree or certificate program, you can inquire here or apply here. The next start date is August 30. Learn more at  
*Only programs included in the 2020 BCBA Examination Pass Rates for Verified Course Sequences are represented in this report.


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