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What’s In a Name?: Hosts Dr. Keith Plummer and Ben Best discuss the name “defragmenting”

Our world is becoming increasingly polarized, and we’re prone to division before unity in any number of arenas. Technology fractures our sense of embodiment and the current culture wars see Christians parting ways over theology, politics, history, race, social justice. This division isn’t only external…rather there is an ongoing pressure to disassociate the mind from the body – divorcing how we think from how we live. Even within the church, the tendency to know and understand the Bible as separate stories and rules of living rather than a cohesive narrative of God’s redemptive plan leaves many believers knowing the “what” of their faith without the “why.” In this episode, hosts Dr. Keith Plummer and Ben Best discuss the name “defragmenting,” the purpose behind the conversations and interviews that excite them, and the unique and timely intersection of biblical integrity and thoughtful Christianity. 


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