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Information for New Cairn Parents

parents and students on campusCongratulations! 

Your student is headed to Cairn University for a solid, biblically-centered education.  Here are some suggestions for you as you prepare for this life change:

  • Make travel arrangements to have your student on campus in time for Student Welcome and Orientation.
  • Check the packing list and plan for any items you need
  • Discuss the academic year and whether or not your student will be coming home during breaks.  If so, how will they get home? When would you like them to let you know this?
  • Have a conversation with your student about how often they want to check in with you and how?  Be prepared for a change in how frequently you hear “how things are going.”
  • Have a conversation about money and help your students set up a budget.  Suggest a simple emergency fund (perhaps a few hundred dollars) that would be good for a student to have just in case.
  • Talk about simple supplies (toiletries, books, snacks, fees of any kind) and clarify your expectations of who will be paying for what.
  • Discuss healthy eating, sleeping, recreation, exercise and general lifestyle habits.  Make suggestions for how your student can ensure they stay well, and what they can do if they have a problem.
  • Discuss employment:  Are your expectations that your student will work or not work? View on-campus job openings for students.
  • Mark your calendar for Homecoming.  This is the time for parents and other members of the Cairn community to come to campus and see what Cairn is all about.  
  • Perhaps most importantly, commit to praying regularly for your new student in this exciting new life stage.
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