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Herman Bavinck: How Theology Should Serve the Church

Dutch Reformed Theologian Herman Bavinck has been broadly influential to many of today’s seasoned pastors and theologians. His work on the Revelation of God and Reformed Dogmatics became standard fare for seminarians decades ago. Even still, much of his work has yet to be translated into English. One theologian and translator working to bring more of Bavinck’s work to the English-speaking church is the University’s own Dr. Gregory Parker Jr. Most recently, Dr. Parker translated What is Christianity? which broadly and succinctly explains Christianity in Bavinck’s day, tracing the history of Christian doctrine and church life from its origins into the early 20th century.

In this podcast, Dr. Parker and Dr. Keith Plummer, dean of the School of Divinity, discuss Bavinck’s legacy and influence and offer him up as one who has much insight to provide to any thoughtful Christians seeking to use theology to serve the church and engage with the issues of our day. 


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