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Artist Dr. Michelle Choy Sun Featured in the Connie A. Eastburn Gallery

From March 1 through March 29, the Connie A. Eastburn Gallery featured artist Dr. Michelle Choy Sun. Dr. Sun earned her Bachelor of Arts from University of Hong Kong. She then earned her Master of Education, Master of Arts, and her Doctor of Education from Columbia University. She has a myriad of accomplishments, including taking part in the Fukuoka International Seminar, the Freeman Foundation Scholarship, as well as being a participant of the Masterpieces Project at the Philadelphia Museum of Art from 2013–2014. 

Her main exhibition, Covid Chronicle: Cells, Chips, and Light features stunning two-dimensional and three- dimensional works of art that examined the implications of the Covid crisis. The impacts of such an event are still being discovered and discussed today, and Dr. Sun’s art hopes to explore those discussions. Inspiration for her artwork comes from experiences and themes that ask, “What is our deepest reflection going through isolation, depression and suffering, sacrifice, resilience and hope? Incidentally, these are the four sub-themes of Covid Chronicle.” As her audience investigates each piece, Dr. Sun hopes to set in motion thoughtful and biblical reflections, asking the individual to respond to the question: “As this virus is likely to become part of our life, what buoyant intellectual and spiritual strengths can we build to prepare for future pandemics?” While the pandemic may be over, serious consideration to Dr. Sun’s questions about it help her audience think deeply and critically, informing us on how to respond to the next crisis.

Covid Chronicle: Cells, Chips, and Light and several of Dr. Sun’s other art exhibits will be on display until March 29, 2024.


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