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Former Board Member and Anti-Violence Activist Melvin Floyd Passes Away at Age 85

Melvin Floyd (Courtesy of: Mary Floyd Palmer)

Melvin Floyd, former Board of Trustees member and anti-violence activist, passed away on April 20, 2020, at the age of 85. 
Melvin was born and raised in Philadelphia. After serving in the Vietnam War, Melvin joined the Philadelphia Police Department in 1959. He earned several national and local awards over his 13 years of service, such as Philadelphia’s Outstanding Policeman in 1968 and Outstanding Young Man of the Year in 1969.
Melvin began attending the University’s evening school in the 60s, and he later received a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Antioch College. It was around the time that Melvin was attending the evening school when he began his neighborhood ministry to children and teens.
Melvin turned in his police badge in 1972 in exchange for the opportunity to devote himself to full-time ministry. His ministry Neighborhood Crusades spoke against gang violence and pointed to Christ as the true source of healing and reconciliation. He directed this ministry for 45 years, and it is still active today. In 1987, he founded Agape Christian Chapel in Germantown, and he began to serve on Cairn’s Board of Trustees shortly after. 
“Mel Floyd was a blessing to me and our university,” said Dr. Todd J. Williams, president of Cairn University. “His consistent witness and faithful ministry were a great example to us all. His love for the Lord, His word, and His people were evident to all who knew him. His kindnesses to me as a young administrator were many; and he helped enlarge and clarify my vision for the needs of people,the damage done by sin, and the hope for healing through the gospel. Rest well, faithful servant.”
Dr. Sherill Babb, president emeritus, had similar reflections: “My friend, Mel Floyd, served as an effective Cairn Board member for over 10 years by sharing his passion for inner city evangelism and discipleship. Mel consistently reminded fellow trustees to never lose sight of the significance of ministry training for every student regardless of his/her major. This beloved brother has left a significant legacy as a faithful servant of Jesus Christ.”


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