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Jump-start your college education from wherever you are!

The Cairn Online Dual Enrollment program offers high school students the opportunity to take college courses from anywhere and build a college transcript before they receive their high school diploma while also paying less for tuition!

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What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual enrollment classes are college classes taken while in high school. As college becomes more expensive, dual enrollment offers high school students the opportunity to get ahead academically while also saving on the cost of higher education.

Dual enrollment is a great option for students coming from any high school setting, whether private, public, or home schooled. Through an integrated use of AP courses, dual enrollment classes, and dual credit college classes, students can complete over a year’s worth of college credits while completing their high school studies. Students may also earn high school and college credit simultaneously if their high school approves.

Why Cairn Online Dual Enrollment?

Faith Matters

Cairn University is committed to the centrality of Christ and the Word of God as is reflected in the curriculum and instruction. At Cairn, faith and truth do matter.

7-Week Terms

Complete coursework from anywhere through our asynchronous course design, reinforced by substantive faculty engagement and weekly course requirements. Each course lasts 7 weeks.

Committed Faculty

Courses are designed and taught by expert Christian Cairn faculty. They substantively engaged throughout the course and care for your academic success and spiritual growth.

Affordable: $75/credit

As a dual enrollment student, you’ll enjoy 80%+ discounted tuition (only $225 per course) while saving on housing and living expenses. Graduate ahead of schedule while lowering the expense of a traditional four-year degree.

A Christian Community

At Cairn, community is intentional. It is an outworking of the University's biblical commitment. Become part of a transformative community of fellow believers from around the globe challenging you to walk a different path.


Besides the regional accreditation, Cairn Online has been approved to participate in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA). Earned credits can be used at Cairn or transferred elsewhere.

Committed to a tradition of delivering Christ-centered education for more than 100 years, Cairn University has built the online courses from the ground up to help prepare biblically minded students with a solid foundation in biblical truth. The courses offer the same quality instruction as onsite. It is the same curriculum, the same faculty but delivered in a convenient and flexible online format.

Available Courses

A course designed to develop effective, professional oral and written communication for a variety of settings.

3 credits | Both Semesters | Online | APPLY NOW

A course that examines the principles and practices of clear, concise, and literate writing, focusing on the content, style, organization, and mechanics of academic writing. This course provides the skills necessary for critical thinking, research-based writing, and correct documentation.

3 credits | Both Semesters | Onsite and Online | APPLY NOW

A comparative study of major civilizations prior to 1500 AD, emphasizing their religious, political, economic, social, and cultural developments.

3 credits | Either Semester |  Onsite and Online | APPLY NOW

A course that analyzes Western history from the Italian Renaissance to the present and examines the religious, political, economic, social, and cultural developments in humanity in Europe and its influence around the globe.

3 credits | Both Semesters | Onsite and Online | APPLY NOW

An introduction to the genre of poetry, focusing on prosody, imagery, diction, forms, and reading a wide variety of poems.

3 credits | Either Semester | Onsite | APPLY NOW

A study of American literature from the colonial period through the Civil War era.

3 credits | Either Semester | Onsite and Online | APPLY NOW

A study of American literature from the Civil War era to the present.

3 credits | Second Semester | Onsite and Online | APPLY NOW

An examination of the founding, structure, and operations of the United States government and the corresponding political processes and dynamics, with special emphasis on the rights and responsibilities of US citizens and residents.

3 credits | Both Semesters | Onsite and Online | APPLY NOW

A course designed to provide students with the fundamental principles of psychology, emphasizing basic research and applications in psychology’s major theoretical areas of study. 

3 credits | Both Semesters | Onsite and Online | APPLY NOW

A conceptual study of physics and chemistry, including principles of motion, energy, fluids, electricity, magnetism, and atomic theory and structure. 

3 credits | Either Semester | Onsite | APPLY NOW

A study of the scientific principles and sociological issues related to environmental science. Emphasis is placed on relationships between human activity and the environment. 

3 credits | Either Semester | Onsite | APPLY NOW

A course that examines the interconnectedness of the five Earth systems-lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, exosphere, and biosphere.

3 credits | Either Semester | Onsite and Online | APPLY NOW

A course that explores the related disciplines of biological, chemical, geological, and physical oceanography.

3 credits | Either Semester | Onsite | APPLY NOW

A study of culture, social structure, anthropology, and human interaction through the social institutions of society. Special attention is given to the family, government, economy, education, and religion. 

3 credits | Both Semesters | Onsite and Online | APPLY NOW

An introduction to major doctrines of Christianity and to theological method: biblical, systematic, and historical theology. The relevance of the truths of these doctrines to life is explored.

3 credits | Both Semesters | Onsite and Online | APPLY NOW

An introduction to living faithfully as servants of God, with particular emphasis on the calling of the student. The course engages students in the biblical and theological rationale for biblical education and Christian discipleship.

3 credits | Both Semesters | Onsite and Online | APPLY NOW

*Core curriculum course. It can count towards any Cairn program.

Not all courses are available every semester. Please contact your admissions counselor for a list of available courses for the upcoming semester.

person with book and notebook

I enjoy online learning just as much as I do being in the classroom. The teachers are just as accessible as they are when a course is taken on campus. I appreciate the opportunity to learn online. 

Monica C.

Jump-start Your College Education

As a dual enrollment student, you’ll enjoy 80%+ discounted tuition* while saving on housing and living expenses. 

Taking 4-5 Dual Enrollment courses can shorten your college time by one semester resulting in thousands of dollars in savings when in college. 

Families who pay for dual-enrollment credits may use a 529 plan to cover tuition costs. 

*based on regular tuition rate.

Cairn classes foster intense intellectual engagement and genuine interaction with professors and peers both onsite or online. You will receive the same credits as the undergraduate students. These courses also help home education programs meet academic criteria for the state of PA and/or other states.

Cairn is regionally accredited and you can transfer the earned credits to other accredited colleges or universities (Christian or secular). Subjects like English composition, American history, and mathematics can count toward both high school graduation and your college transcript.

Upon completion, you will have an official college transcript on file, which may be applied toward a degree at Cairn or transferred to another college or university. No limit to how many you can take!

Cairn University is committed to the centrality of Christ and the Word of God and is reflected in the curriculum and instruction. We must do more than say it matters, we must act in a way that demonstrates it matters.

All instruction is grounded in the timeless Truth of God’s Word. No matter what your intended career path or field of study, Cairn is committed to helping you think about your career through a biblical worldview.

By taking college level classes now, you set yourself up for success when attending college. 

Tuition and Dual Enrollment Options


$ $75 per credit
  • Flexibility to Learn from Anywhere
  • Committed Faculty Mentors
  • Rigorous Asynchronous Instruction
  • 7-Week Terms


$ $75 per credit
  • Learn in a Classroom Setting
  • Study Arts Onsite
  • Experience College Onsite
  • 15-Week Terms


A Cairn education in your classroom
  • Available to Juniors and Seniors
  • Taught by Christian School Faculty
  • Accredited
  • AP or Honors Equivalent Courses
  • A Cairn Education in your Classroom

Your Next Steps and FAQs

  • If you are planning to use Dual Enrollment courses as part of your curriculum, discuss your course selection with your school counselor to ensure it meets your specific requirements for high school graduation. 

Complete the application online. During the application process, you will also need to send the following: 

  • Your testimony of trusting in Jesus Christ as Savior, and how that has impacted your life and made you excited to study at a place like Cairn University. (500 word minimum). We want to ensure that Cairn is the right place for you
  • You must also demonstrate the academic ability, motivation necessary to succeed in a college-level course. We want to ensure you will be able to succeed in your investment. 

$75 per credit hour + any required course fees (textbooks not included)


  • Tuition must be paid prior to the start of class.

Can I transfer my college credits? 

The course transfer depends on where you are transferring from, and what program you are transferring to. If you are coming to Cairn Online from another institution, it is very likely you will have some credits that will transfer. Because there are so many options, we encourage you to talk to an enrollment counselor. If you are transferring out, Cairn is a regionally accredited school and some credits should transfer with relative ease. Each college sets their own transfer criteria, so be sure to check their policies for specifics.

What can I expect from Cairn Online Courses? 

Cairn Online courses based on Cairn’s 100+ years tradition of excellence in biblical education. Our on faculty has carefully designed them taking into consideration what works best for the online learner. The modular design and asynchronous delivery enable you to complete your studies while you pursue your career, ministry and spend time with your family.

Courses typically contain seven units and are delivered in 7-week terms*. Each unit contains 5-7 modular activities. Each learning activity includes instructional videos accompanied by reflections, quizzes, discussion forums and other assessments. Courses also utilize adaptive learning technologies such as Cerego for long-term retention of concepts and VoiceThread for enhanced collaboration.

The asynchronous delivery provides flexibility around your daily busy schedule. In most courses, interactive activities are typically due by Wednesday while the rest of the unit’s work is due by Sunday night. The MBA, M.A. in Music and Criminal Justice programs use the 7RD2 process and require the completion of certain activities daily to optimize learning.

Our own Cairn faculty intentionally participate in the course throughout the week to provide you with an incarnational experience.

To learn more about Cairn Online, please see the FAQs from this page

How do faculty participate in Cairn Online courses? 

All courses are developed by one or more course developers and taught by our own faculty. The instructors are also intentionally involved in the course throughout the week by providing direction in the course activities, participating in the forum discussions, grading the student work and providing substantive feedback. Most courses also offer optional office hours weekly via Zoom or similar video conferencing tools.

Am I required to be online at a particular time when taking online courses? 

All online dual enrollment courses are delivered asynchronously i.e. you do not have to be online at a particular time of the day. There are however activities that are due throughout the week. The courses are designed and typically offered in 7-week terms. 

Other Questions?

Contact the Office of Admissions at visits@cairn.edu or 215.702.4235.