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Getting Started with Technology at Cairn University

Thank you for choosing Cairn University!

During your time as a Cairn student, you will have access to number of different websites and technology resources. We’ve provided a quick rundown of the different tools you’ll be using, and instructions on how to get started. Please read through this page, set up your student email account, and begin familiarizing yourself with some of the other sites and processes.

If you have any questions or require support, please contact Technology Services at [email protected] or call 215.702.4554.


Activating your Cairn Account 

As soon as you become a student, the student will receive an email from Cairn with directions and a temporary password to activate the student account.  It will also include instructions on enrolling in our password reset portal ( in order to establish a new, secure password and unlock the account in the future.

If you do not recall receiving the initial email with login credentials and instructions, please double check the email account you used to apply at Cairn. If you continue to experience difficulty activating your Cairn account, please contact Technology Services at  215.702.4554 or [email protected].

Accessing your Email Account 

Once the new password has been established, students can proceed with logging into their new Cairn Gmail account which can be accessed at  Students will use these same login credentials for all University cloud applications. Links to the Cairn Gmail are available from the student hub and/or eLearning. Since the University will direct all email correspondence to the Cairn student Gmail account, the student is responsible for regularly checking their account.  

Once the student accesses the Cairn Gmail account, additional Google services such as Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drive are available. Note that Drive allows unlimited file storage. TS encourages students to backup files on Drive.

Student Resource Hub

The Student Resource Hub is your one-stop-shop for frequently accessed web pages and forms. It is recommended for students to set as the default browser home page. Students may login with their Cairn email address and password to access the hub.


eLearning is Cairn’s Learning Management System for all courses.  Instructors use eLearning in conjunction with traditional classroom instruction to communicate with students, disseminate course materials, manage grading and more for the duration of the course.  Students may be required to retrieve course material and/or submit assignments via eLearning at  Students may login with their username or the email address and password to eLearning. A tutorial along with various detailed guides are available on the front page of eLearning. Note that courses are archived once the semester is over and the student should retain their course work.


Students are provided secure, real-time access to academic and financial information via the SelfService web application. Access to class schedules, grades, online registration and financial activity are available at Student may login with their username (not full email address) and password to access SelfService.

Masland Library Resources

Students are provided access to the online library catalog, course reserves and research databases at  Certain resources will require authentication; enter your Cairn email address and password to authenticate to the online databases when prompted.

Internet Access

Cairn provides high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the campus.   To establish connectivity, connect your device to the network called Cairn-Student.  If prompted for login credentials, use your Cairn email username and password. If you are living in the dorms and need to connect gaming consoles or smart devices to the WIFI network, please see these directions (by logging in with your Cairn email account).

University Computers

Students may use University computers that are located in the Masland Library lab (LRC210) and/or other specialized labs based on the major of study which may require card access.  Please be mindful of others who may be waiting to use this equipment during peak periods. Students may also checkout Chromebooks for research in the library.

Student Print/Copy Allowance

Students are provided a $30 per-term print/copy allowance to assist with academic requirements.  The student’s identification card provides secure access to print/copy jobs, and printing to on-campus equipment may be initiated either in a computer lab or from any location with Internet connectivity.  The Cairn Web Print solution allows you to print from any device, from anywhere. If you can attach the document as an attachment to the Cairn email, you can print it. Learn more at

University Website

Students are typically familiar with the University website prior to enrollment.  In addition to supporting prospective students, the website provides information and resources for current students.  The University website can be accessed at

Emergency Contact Information

The University periodically communicates with students via our Text Messaging Alert System in emergency situations, weather-related school closings, etc.   Students must provide emergency contact information to the University in order to be included in these communications.

Students may add or modify their contact information at  Students can also verify their enrollment by texting CAIRN to 88202.  Note– For continued inclusion in the text alert notifications, it is essential that the student’s contact info be submitted and up-to-date.  Click here subscribe to text alerts and update your information.

Technical Support

Technology Services provides support for student computing needs.  If a computer-related issue is encountered, students may either send an email to [email protected] or call the TS Help Center at 215.702.4554.  ‘Live help’ is also available via eLearning or from the TS Support Portal. Office hours are daily from 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m.; however, TS personnel are on call 24/7 for urgent technical issues.  Support is provided in the following areas.

  • On-campus wireless connectivity.
  • Issues related to University technology applications; Email, SelfService, eLearning, Internet, Library Resources and the University Website.
  • Diagnostics and recommendations for student-owned computers.


Student Orientation Portal

Students taking online courses are encouraged to complete the Distance Learning Student Orientation.

Contact Technology Services