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Cairn University
Summer Academy

JUNE 24–28, 2024

Are you looking to be a chess prodigy? Social media influencer? Create the next famous app? Become the next popular novelist?

Students 7–12th grade are invited to level up your skills and interests with Cairn’s knowledgeable professors!

Academy Information

Summer Academy Course Options

Grades 9-12th

College Writing Prep – $400

Grades 7-12th

Game Development – $450

Grades 7-12th

Chess Strategy & Tactics – $400

Grades 7-12th

Social Media Influencing – $400

Drop off: 8 am Pick up: 5:30 pm
Lunch and Snacks will be provided
Have any questions? Email us at [email protected]
College Writing Prep | Dr. Aquilone
Have you ever gotten a prompt for an academic essay and have no idea where to start? Do you want to improve your analytical and communication skills? If so, this writing camp is for you! With the help of Dr. Aquilone, you will undertake the writing process from start to finish to learn the basics of brainstorming, creating a thesis statement, and building and revising an academic essay.
Chess Strategy & Tactics | Prof. Schafli
The Chess program is open to all experience levels. Participants will study openings and endgames, explore tactics and strategic vision, learn from great games of the past, and of course play lots of chess! New to chess? Join Professor Schafli to learn the “Game of Kings!” Already a strong player? Join us to push your game to the next level!
Game Development | Prof. Petcaugh
Ready to design the next popular video game? Get an in-depth look with Professor Petcaugh at modern video game design methods and practices. In the Godot 4.1+ engine, you will build levels, characters, items, and other gameplay elements. Use the Python programming language, and game logic, to produce animations and interactive worlds.
Social Media Influencing | Prof. Stange
Becoming a Person of Influence: The building blocks of creating a message-based online platform. In this fun and interactive course, students will be shown how to build, grow, and ethically monetize a Christ-honoring online platform. With the insight of Professor Stange, you will spend time focusing on creating and marketing written, audio, and video content while demonstrating how that information can be easily disseminated across the web.
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