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Cairn University
Summer Academy

JUNE 24–28, 2024

An academically and spiritually enriching opportunity for 7–12th graders.

With its unique curriculum participants will learn directly from experienced Cairn University professors, enjoy fun activities, and spend time with the Lord.

Drop off: 8 am Pick up: 5:30 pm

Academy Information

Summer Academy Course Options

Learning Specialty Grade Pricing
College Writing Prep 9-12th $400
Game Development* 7-12th $400 + 50 (materials fee)
Chess Strategy & Tactics 7-12th $400
Social Media Influencing** 7-12th $400

* If your student registered for Game Development then they must bring their own laptop, it is REQUIRED

** If your student registered for Social Media Influencing then they must bring their own laptop & smartphone, it is REQUIRED


In this week-long academy, participants will attend classes of the learning specialty of their interest. Each of the learning specialties is uniquely designed and taught by a Cairn University professor. Participants will also be part of great devotionals and reflection times where they can learn more about God and they will participate in engaging activities everyday. 

Join us for an enriching learning experience at Cairn University

Drop off: 8 am Pick up: 5:30 pm Lunch and Snacks will be Provided
Have any questions? Email us at [email protected]
College Writing Prep | Dr. Aquilone
Have you ever gotten a prompt for an academic essay and have no idea where to start? Do you feel unprepared for the writing and language section of the SAT or a college writing course? Do you want to improve your analytical and communication skills? If so, this writing camp is for you! We will undertake the writing process from start to finish to learn the basics of brainstorming, creating a thesis statement, and building and revising an academic essay. The activities of this camp will also foster critical thinking and develop analytical acumen crucial for Christians living in the 21st century and information age. With her extensive experience in teaching English Composition and working on the writing portion of the SAT, Dr. Aquilone will ensure that students not only feel ready to take on any academic writing prompt but also have fun and enjoy the process!
Chess Strategy & Tactics | Prof. Schafli
The Chess Camp at Cairn University is open to all experience levels. Participants will study openings and endgames, explore tactics and strategic vision, learn from great games of the past, and of course play lots of chess! New to chess? Join us to learn the “Game of Kings”! Already a strong player? Join us to push your game to the next level! Professor Schafli graduated from Cairn University in 2011 with degrees in piano performance and Bible and completed graduate work in historical musicology at Temple University in 2014. He works at Cairn as Assistant Director of Distance Education and teaches various courses at both Cairn and Temple. He teaches chess privately and at Lower Bucks Chess Academy under National Master Lorand Bela Kis.
Game Development | Prof. Petcaugh
Get an in-depth look at modern video game design methods and practices. In the Godot 4.1+ engine, you will build levels, characters, items, and other gameplay elements. Use the Python programming language, and game logic, to produce animations and interactive worlds. Work with others to brainstorm and create your own complete game experience with unique design elements and a win/lose condition. This course is for both beginners and advanced students, no prior programming experience needed. Professor Petcaugh has been a teacher since graduating from Cairn in 2010. He is also a Master Teacher for the nation-wide computer science curriculum “Project Lead the Way” and is an active AP reader for both AP Computer Science A and AP Computer Science Principles.
Social Media Influencing | Prof. Stange
Becoming a Person of Influence: The building blocks of creating a message-based online platform. In this fun and interactive course, students will be shown how to build, grow, and ethically monetize a Christ-honoring online platform. We will spend time focusing on creating and marketing written, audio, and video content while demonstrating how that information can be easily disseminated across the web. John Stange is the Lead Pastor at Core Creek Community Church and a professor at Cairn University where he leads the Digital Media and Communication program. He also leads an online community called Platform Launchers where he helps people build message-based online platforms. John has authored over 30 books and presently hosts several podcasts on the LifeAudio podcast network.
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