Intercultural Studies (BS)

Through biblical and professional training, prepare to work effectively in cross-cultural contexts within the United States and around the world.


Why Intercultural Studies?

Our world is becoming increasingly more globalized, necessitating the need for culturally competent workers who can bridge the gap and serve in a variety of contexts. Enter the Intercultural Studies major: a program that lays an interdisciplinary foundation of Bible, theology, sociology, and psychology for the purpose of making students more effective in their work in globalized environments. Students are prepared to adjust to life and work in a different culture, to work in teams, and to live out their Christian calling in culturally appropriate ways.

Why Intercultural Studies at Cairn?

  • Study in a community that values and equips globally informed workers in tangible ways (including our annual World Reach Week and our on-campus Community English Language Program).
  • Customize your education through the addition of minors in other disciplines.
  • Join the Honors Program and dive deeper into a personal topic of interest.
  • Learn from professors who have varied interests and specialized concentrations.
  • Complete an internship with a globally minded organization that shares your values.

Career Paths

  • Graduate school
  • Missions
  • International business
  • Cross-cultural education
  • Military service
  • Civil service
  • State Department or other agency engaged oversea