On the Way

What is On The Way?

On The Way (or OTW, as the kids say) is the University’s traveling worship band. OTW travels to camps and conferences throughout the academic year and the summer to lead worship from their distinct style blend of modern hymns and contemporary worship music.
In the past, OTW has traveled, performed, and represented Cairn at YoliJwa, Camp Orchard Hill, Spruce Lake, Camp of the Woods, and many other churches, camps, and conferences. OTW is continually sought after, as their performances are indicative not only of talented musicians, but those who clearly represent Christ.
We want you to have a chance to experience what being part of the OTW community can offer. Students who successfully audition to be a part of the band will receive a full tuition scholarship

Only six scholarships and band positions are available:

How do I join On The Way?

Limited band positions are available and will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis. Don’t delay and potentially forfeit your opportunity to receive a full tuition scholarship!

Hear from an OTW member

"I have formed strong bonds with my fellow worshipers and enjoyed sharing with and learning from each other. Performing at various churches and camps and witnessing the work of God in these communities has been truly inspiring. Without a doubt, being part of the OTW community has enriched my faith and brought me closer to Christ.”
Han Namgung
Have questions? Reach out to [email protected] with any questions regarding OTW or the application or audition process. 

The OTW scholarship is a full tuition scholarship applicable to the full duration of a student’s undergraduate education at Cairn, contingent upon that student’s continual full-time enrollment at Cairn University, participation in OTW, and living on campus. Should a student no longer meet any of these criteria, the full tuition scholarship would be removed and scholarships and financial aid appropriate to the student would be applied.

You can have OTW perform at your event!