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Faithful Learning: A Conversation with Dr. Jacob Shatzer

Christian colleges and universities committed to biblical authority endeavor to help students see the connection between their faith and the academic subjects they’re studying. This is sometimes hindered by the fact that some professors have been trained in settings where the implications of Christian doctrine for their areas of specialization were either ignored or significantly minimized. In an effort to help teachers for whom that was the case, Dr. Jacob Shatzer, Associate Professor of Theological Studies and Associate Provost and Dean of Instruction at Union University, wrote Faithful Learning: A Vision for Theologically Integrated Education, a book whose aim he says is “to equip faculty to be key instruments in faithfully transforming students in all disciplines.” Dr. Shatzer joined Dr. Keith Plummer to discuss the book. We believe this is a valuable conversation for all Christians who consider the cultivation of the intellect a necessary component of discipleship.


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