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Cairn University School of Education Graduates Achieve 100% Title II Pass Rate

Every year, the Department of Education reports the rate of students who have completed a teacher education program and if, upon completion of the program, they received a Pennsylvania instructional certificate. In the recent report for the 2022–2023 school year, Cairn University’s School of Education is excited to announce that those graduates achieved a 100 percent pass rate. This surpasses the state average of 76 percent, indicating that every School of Education graduate who took the Pennsylvania exams received a teaching certificate, being well prepared for the tests they need to complete for certification.

The School of Education celebrated this accomplishment, stating: “We are so proud of our students and their academic achievement. Our graduates are not only biblically minded, but also well-educated and professionally competent in their certification areas.”

Congratulations to the School of Education class for this amazing achievement!

You can learn more about the Title II Program here:

Title II Program Completer Pass Rates

Title II.


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