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Cairn University Ranks #2 in Glanzer’s Guide to Christian Colleges and Universities

In Perry L. Glanzer’s recently published book, Christian Higher Education: An Empirical Guide, Glanzer, a notable professor and author, ranked Cairn University as second among the nation’s best Christian colleges and universities. Glanzer also made these rankings available as an online guide titled Glanzer’s Guide to Christian Colleges and Universities.

Glanzer’s methodology for ranking the colleges was supported by 11 unique and objective factors, including an assessment of institutions’ mission statements, chapel attendance requirements, theology class requirements, and more. Overall, he identified and determined the extent to which institutions prioritize and embrace their Christian identity.

Reflecting on the accomplishment, Senior Vice President and Provost Adam Porcella notes: “This achievement is a testament to our unwavering commitment to our mission, evident in every aspect of our institution from our curriculum to our governance. In many ways, Christian education is in crisis. Faced with both internal and external pressures from an increasingly secular culture, many Christian colleges are compromising. As a result, a growing number of Christian colleges and universities are Christian in name only, causing confusion amongst parents and students about which colleges and universities to trust. At Cairn University, we work hard to ensure that everything we do inside and outside the classroom aligns with our commitment to Christian education, clearly articulated in our University mission statement. This has always been the case, but it is encouraging to see recognition in the wider scholarly community of our commitment as a consistently biblical and trustworthy university.”

Cairn University looks forward to continually and faithfully providing an education where Christ and His Word are essential.

You can read Glanzer’s online guide here.


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