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Cairn Hosts Successful 2021 World Reach Week

From September 13–17, 2021, Cairn University hosted its annual World Reach Week. In the third year of its three-year cycle of Discover, Prepare, Commit, this year’s theme was “Commit: Increase your resolve to be part of God’s global work and His heart for the world.”
This year, the theme “Commit” gave students the opportunity to experience the ways God is working through a variety of initiatives to build His church. Through chapel messages and breakout sessions throughout the week, students grappled with how they can serve as God’s ambassador to the world and were challenged to pursue their role in God’s global work. 
Cairn welcomed to campus dozens of mission representatives from organizations doing work all over the world. They shared about their work with students and professors at the beginning of their classes and at their booths set up across campus. Additionally, mission representatives and students took part in sessions throughout the week, such as panel discussions on ministry topics; informational sessions on life in the mission field; and World Feast, an event in which students prepared food from different cultures to share with one another. 
As the Cairn University community adapts to the global need of serving our neighbors, World Reach Week continues to be vitally important as students are educated on how to serve Christ in the church, society, and the world. 
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