TO BE COMPLETED BY APPLICANTS (References will be emailed a link to a separate form for them to complete).

Please select your program below and provide names and email addresses for individuals who know you well enough to complete the references required by your program. The individuals who you indicate on this form will receive a link via email to a reference form for them to complete. To ensure that your referrers receive the online reference forms, please make sure to spell their email addresses correctly.

The professional/academic reference should be completed by a supervisor, colleague, or professor. If you have recently finished an academic program, please request an academic reference. 

The pastoral reference should be completed by a pastor, elder, or spiritual mentor who knows you well.

If your referrer would prefer a paper reference form, please download the form, print it, and give it to your referrer with a stamped envelope addressed to Cairn University.

You may not use family members as references.

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