Why You Should Major in Business 

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Here’s Why You Should Major in Business 

Many high school students see college as the clear next step. But choosing what to study in college can be anything but clear. Lots of students go into college unsure about what they want to major in. What should you do?  
Major in business. If you want to be prepared for a career after college, majoring in business might be the best decision you can make!

Get equipped with what you need

person works with calculatorBusiness degrees prepare students for their career ventures upon graduation with the skills, knowledge, and professional competencies necessary to succeed in the business world.
A degree in business will include classes from a broad range of topics and fields, including:

  • finance
  • accounting
  • international business
  • management principles
  • business law and strategy
  • organizational/non-profit leadership
  • and way more

Programs include resume and portfolio creating, business etiquette, and interview skills, along with real-life opportunities to practice them.
You’re not just studying how to balance a budget; you’re learning to effectively interact with a complex and changing global business environment. 

Real-world experience that sets you apart

Additionally—and maybe most importantly—business degrees often have real-world internship opportunities built-in.
Internships provide college students with important experience to include on their resumes and business portfolios, as well as connections in the fields they’ll go into.
Colleges and universities have networks to connect students to businesses they might not otherwise have access to, giving them an inside opportunity with all kinds of organizations. For many interns, these temporary positions even lead to full-time jobs. It’s not just an internship; it’s a head start. 

Do what you want to do

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The variety of courses and experiences offered by a business program makes it a great major for business-minded students of all kinds. Interested in small business? Entrepreneurship? Large corporations? Even humanitarian or charitable/non-profit organizations? Business majors make prime candidates!
Don’t know what to major in? If you want a degree that will definitely help you land a job upon graduation, major in business. 


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