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Why Choose a Digital Media and Communication Degree at Cairn?

Maybe you are interested in art. Maybe you also have a passion for writing. But you also want those to be marketable skills and not just hobbies. Within the next decade, The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects an increase in need for those who can navigate the digital world. Passions in artistry and communication can be turned into marketable skills through a college program designed to prepare students for such a time.

Designed for students who excel in written and visual communication, Cairn’s new Digital Media and Communication (BA) offers you a program with clear career objectives, opportunities, and outcomes. Your passions and interests will see growth inside and outside the classroom. Cairn seeks to enrich your academic experience through various internships, allowing you to acquire the professional tools you’ll need for your future career.

But these resources and experiences aren’t all Cairn has to offer to you in this program. When you come to earn your degree in Digital Media and Communication, you are studying at a holistically Christian university. Our dedication to serving Christ and studying from a biblical perspective will not happen only in your Bible classes or chapels, but will be incorporated into your whole curriculum. While we want to help prepare you for a career, we also want to prepare you to be salt and light in the fields you will serve. 

“Our current cultural context requires us to navigate the dynamic waters of the digital world. I want Cairn University to be at the forefront of preparing Christian communicators and providing them with the hard and soft skills they need to stay afloat.”

—Charlotte Gleason, Chair of the Humanities Department

Learn more about our digital marketing program at Cairn and see for yourself what kind of educational experience we offer. 

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