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Why Abigail Chose a Degree in Digital Media and Communication

Meet Abigail.

Abigail is a senior in high school. She enjoys design and dabbles in writing. Throughout high school, friends and family frequently commissioned her to design flyers for school, create Instagram posts for her friends, or edit her younger sister’s papers. Abigail loves the creative challenge of these tasks, and she wants to pursue these interests in college. Everyone—from her teachers to her parents—tells Abigail that her gifts will lead to career opportunities, but she wonders how editing posts and creating flyers could ever be more than a side hustle.

As Abigail sought direction about her college career, she continued to run into difficulty. Often, she was directed to apply for colleges in their English or Art programs. While they were viable options, Abigail was concerned with the pressure and disappointment it would bring to pick one passion over the other. 

When Abigail visited a college fair, she discovered that many colleges actually did offer a degree that could combine her passions and turn them into a career: digital media and communication. Blending arts, writing, and marketing, Abigail began to envision all the doors such a program could open for her. She continued to scan the program brochure and was delighted with the career options they posited for the program: content writer, social media manager, digital journalist, graphic designer, and many others. Flipping over to the other side, she examined some of the typical courses offered, which included Writing for Social Media and the Web, Digital Storytelling, and Communication and Culture. All of these courses could offer her the opportunity to pursue her passions and expand her knowledge in these areas. It was the perfect program for her.

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