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Top 25 Questions to Ask on a College Visit

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Many students and parents understand the importance of visiting colleges, but they don’t always make the most of their visits. After all those hours of driving (or even flying!), your college visit should be informative and help you make a decision about which college to attend.
In order to save time, do some research and see if you can find the answers to your questions by visiting the college’s website or calling an admissions representative. During your visit, make sure to ask specific questions and get the answers that you’re looking for.

Here’s a breakdown of the top twenty-five questions you must ask while visiting a college:


1. What are the most popular majors?
2. Do you have any combined BA and MA programs? (Sometimes called “dual degree”)
3. Do you have internship and study abroad opportunities?
4. Do you have an honors program?
5. What opportunities are there for undergraduate research?
6. What additional academic services are available for students (writing & math labs, tutoring, workshops)?

Campus Life

7. How many students are involved in extracurricular activities?
8. What student organizations are active on campus?
9. What do students do on weekends?
10. What kinds of things are there to do in the area?

Financial Aid

11. When is the priority deadline for financial aid applications?
12. What is your average financial aid package?
13. What percentage of financial need does the school typically meet?
14. What is the average college debt that students leave with?
15. What work-study opportunities exist?

Graduation Track Record

16. What percentage of your students graduate?
17. What is your four-year graduation rate?
18. What percentage of freshmen return for sophomore year (retention rate)?

Housing and Dining

19. Is on-campus housing guaranteed and for how long?
20. How are roommates selected?
21. How does the meal plan work?

Job and Career

22. What kind of career planning services are available?
23. What does the school do to help graduates find jobs?
24. What percentage of graduates find jobs within a few months after graduating?
25. What percentage of graduates find jobs in the field they studied for?
While your college tour guide may not have all the answers, she may be able to point you to an admissions counselor who does. Make the most out of your college visit—don’t leave campus without getting all of your questions answered!

Click here to download the list and have it handy for your next visit!Download 25 Questions to Ask on a College Visit


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