Vehicle Registration and Regulations

Office of Safety & Security

Students are welcome to bring their vehicles on campus. Please register your vehicle with the Office of Safety and Security each year, and adhere to the University’s motor vehicle rules and regulations.

Register your vehicle and request a parking permit using the form below. 

Online Vehicle Registration

Please note:

  • Undergraduate students will have their stickers delivered to their campus mailboxes within 3 days of completing the registration. Graduate and Degree Completion students may choose to have their permits mailed to their home address.
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Download the Vehicle Rules and Regulations



1.1. For the purpose of these rules and regulations, the term:

1.1.1. Vehicle includes any device on, upon, or by which any individual or property is, or may be, transported or drawn upon a highway, roadway, or street on the campus of Cairn;

1.1.2. Motor Vehicle includes every motorized vehicle which is self-propelled, and every boat and trailer, whether or not self-propelled;

1.1.3. Motorcycle includes every motorized vehicle having a saddle for the use of the rider and designed to travel on no more than three wheels in contact with the ground, but excluding a tractor;

1.1.4. Bicycle includes every vehicle other than a motor vehicle designed to travel on not more than two wheels in contact with the ground and propelled by human power;

1.1.5. University means Cairn University;

1.1.6. Campus means all buildings, streets, and grounds of Cairn or any part thereof;

1.1.7. Visitor means any individual, other than a faculty or staff member, vendor, or student, operating or parking a non-registered vehicle on campus no more often than occasionally;

1.1.8. Student means any individual who is registered as such, regardless of the number of credit hours at Cairn;

1.1.9. Faculty or Staff means any part-time or full-time employed or contracted individual whose primary purpose is to work on campus and not to attend classes or other Cairn functions.

1.1.10. Parked Vehicle is any stopped, unattended vehicle, or any vehicle attended by a driver who refuses to move, after a request from an authorized University official.

1.1.11. Decal is any adhesive label issued by Cairn to represent a parking permit that is to be affixed to the registered vehicle.

1.2. The University shall not have any liability for loss or damage to any Vehicle.

1.3. The University does not guarantee a parking space.



2.1. Any individual who operates or parks a Motor Vehicle or Motorcycle on Campus must register that vehicle with Business Services within two (2) business days of the vehicle’s arrival on campus. Faculty, Staff, and employees of a contracted campus business will be given a registration decal free of charge.

2.2. Any individual required to register a Vehicle shall furnish any or all of the following information on forms provided by the University:

2.2.1. Name and current resident address.

2.2.2. Office, residence hall, or the building in which the individual is located.

2.2.3. Name and address of the registered owner of the Motor Vehicle.

2.2.4. Make and model of the Vehicle.

2.2.5. State license number of the Motor Vehicle at the time of registration.

2.2.6. Other information concerning the identity of the Vehicle as may, from time to time, be required.

2.3. No individual shall display more than one (1) decal on any one Vehicle.

2.4. The decal shall be permanently affixed to the Vehicle in a place and manner prescribed by the University and/or in accordance with instructions printed on the decal. Decals which are taped on Vehicles or affixed in locations other than the location shall not be considered permanently affixed or properly displayed. Decals are the property of the University and must be surrendered when one’s relationship with the University or its agencies is severed.

2.5. Students who reside in a residence hall on the University campus shall obtain a properly designated decal for any Vehicle brought to campus.

2.6. A Student who does not reside in a residence hall on the University campus shall obtain a commuter’s decal.

2.7. All decals expire on August 1st of the second year displayed on the decal.

2.8. Any individual to whom a decal has been issued shall:

2.8.1. Remove any expired decal from the Vehicle to which the expired decal is attached,

2.8.2. Change the decals if his/her status at the University changes in a manner as to require a different decal, and

2.8.3. Remove any decal from the Vehicle upon the transfer of ownership or possession of the Vehicle to which the decal is affixed.

2.9. If a decal issued to any individual under the provision of these regulations becomes marred, mutilated, or obliterated; or if because of damage to the vehicle the decal has to be replaced; or if the individual changes his or her status to a different classification during the year, the individual shall obtain a new decal. If the original decal or satisfactory evidence of its destruction is presented to the OSS, a fee not to exceed one dollar ($1.00) will be assessed for a new decal.

2.10. A decal issued to be affixed to, or used by one Vehicle shall not be affixed or transferred to another Vehicle.

2.11. A temporary permit may be obtained from the OSS or Business Services by:

2.11.1. Any individual who expects to operate or park any Vehicle on the Campus for more than 24 hours, but less than seven (7) days.

2.11.2. Any individual who expects to operate or park any Vehicle on the Campus in place of a registered Vehicle that is temporarily inoperable.

2.12. Any individual to whom a decal or permit has been issued shall be responsible for any parking or registration violation(s) in which the Vehicle is involved.

2.13. Faculty, staff, and students are expected to be aware of and in compliance with the state laws regarding Pennsylvania license plates, state registration, vehicle inspection, and all traffic laws.

2.14. All fines older than 14 days must be paid, before a new permit will be issued.



3.1. Failure by any individual to find a legal parking space shall not be an excuse for violation of these regulations.

3.2. For the purpose of these regulations, the University may classify individuals into different categories, and may restrict parking on campus to a certain category of individuals. The University shall not, except upon posting or installation of appropriate signs, change the restriction in any area from one category to another during the school year.

3.3. No individual, unless otherwise authorized by OSS, shall park any Vehicle or motorcycle on Campus:

3.3.1. In any area designated as Handicapped Parking;

3.3.2. In any manner that obstructs any wheelchair route or potential wheelchair route;

3.3.3. On or adjacent to any yellow curb;

3.3.4. On any sidewalk;

3.3.5. On any lawn or grass area, except as otherwise provided in these regulations;

3.3.6. In any driveway;

3.3.7. In any loading zone;

3.3.8. In any No Parking zone;

3.3.9. In any manner that obstructs traffic;

3.3.10. In a double or multiple manner;

3.3.11. In any manner that obstructs any sidewalk;

3.3.12. In any manner that obstructs or blocks a fire hydrant;

3.3.13. In any location not designated as parking areas by lines or signs;

3.3.14. In any manner exceeding the posted length of time where timed parking is in effect;

3.3.15. In any area of the Campus that has been closed off by the use of barricades, signs, yellow lines, or other traffic control devices.

3.3.16. In any area of the Campus which has not been designated as a parking area;

3.3.17. In any fire lane; or

3.3.18. In any area designated as Service Parking.

3.4. When special events are being held on Campus, the privilege of a visitor to park on the Campus shall not be confined to those spaces specifically reserved for visitor parking by signs, but extend to any legitimate parking space other than those spaces specifically reserved.

3.5. The OSS may, upon special occasions, temporarily appropriate for Visitor use exclusively any parking area normally reserved for other categories of individuals.

3.6. The University may reserve a parking space for the exclusive use of any individual who has a severe physical disability.

3.6.1. Permanently mobility-impaired individuals should obtain a handicapped parking permit authorized by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Campus handicapped parking spaces are reserved to accommodate permanently mobility-impaired individuals properly displaying a state issued handicapped license plate or hanging placard.

3.6.2. Employees or Students of the University who are temporarily mobility-impaired may obtain parking assistance through the OSS.

3.7. Residence hall Students shall park their Vehicles in areas designated as residence hall parking for their resident building.

3.8. Commuter students shall park their Vehicles in areas designated as commuter parking.

3.9. Resident and commuter students are not permitted to park on residential streets or in the various local business parking lots in the Penndel or Langhorne Manor Boroughs, or Middletown Township: overnight, while attending classes or other Cairn functions, while visiting other resident students, or in an effort to avoid having to register their vehicle(s).

3.10. Faculty and staff shall park their Vehicles in areas designated as Faculty and Staff parking lots. Faculty and staff parking lots are available for the use of all individuals between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. weekdays and 24 hours a day on weekends.

3.11. No contractor shall operate or park any Vehicle, or permit his/her employees to operate or park any Vehicle, on Campus without first obtaining a special permit from the OSS.

3.12. The temporary absence of a sign at the entrance of any area of the campus does not mean that it is no longer restricted. If at any time area restrictions are removed or altered, the signs in those areas shall change appropriately.

3.13. No individual shall abandon a Vehicle on the Campus. The University may, in addition to any other remedy herein provided, upon evidence that a motor Vehicle has remained on Campus parked and unused for a period of fifteen (15) days, remove the Vehicle at the owner’s expense.

3.14. Vehicles without a Cairn registration and parked in such a manner or location as to raise suspicions of a security nature to the University and/or the Cairn community and left unattended shall be handled in the following manner: the Vehicle shall be reported to local authorities. If the vehicle is deemed to present any danger, the vehicle shall be towed at the local authority’s direction.



4.1. No individual shall operate or park any vehicle on the Campus in a manner as to cause injury to any individual, grounds, building or other facility or property of the University.

4.2. Any individual who operates or parks a Vehicle on Campus shall obey stop signs, yellow and white lines for routing traffic, speed limit signs, parking signs, one-way street signs, traffic signals or lights, and any other sign, indicator, marker, or signal for the control, direction, parking, and general regulation of traffic and automobiles on campus and streets of Cairn including, but not confined to, lawful hand, voice, whistle, or other commands or signals.

4.3. No individual shall drive or operate a Vehicle on any Campus parking lot at a speed in excess of ten (10) miles per hour.

4.4. No individual, unless otherwise authorized or directed by these regulations, shall drive or operate a Vehicle on Campus roadways at a speed exceeding 15 miles per hour.

4.5. No individual, other than those individuals who by nature of their functions are required to do so, shall drive a Vehicle upon any pedestrian path, sidewalk, grass area, safety zone, or any other area of the campus not ordinarily used for vehicular traffic.

4.6. No individual, other than those individuals who by nature of their functions are required to do so, shall park any Vehicle in or upon any area of Campus that has been closed by the use of barricades or other traffic control devices.

4.7. Pedestrians shall have the right of way at marked crosswalks on Campus.

4.8. Any individual who has an accident on Campus shall, if the accident resulted in property damage or personal injury, report the accident to OSS.

4.9. Tickets issued by the University shall be paid directly to Business Services within 14 days of the ticket date. Checks shall be made payable to Cairn University.

4.10. In addition to the rules and regulations contained herein, the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are in full force and effect.



5.1. Any individual who rides, operates, or parks a bicycle, or any other non motorized vehicle, including boats and trailers on Campus shall be subject to all the terms and provisions of these regulations applicable to anyone who rides, operates or parks a Motor Vehicle, except those provisions which by their nature have no application.

5.2. No individual shall ride any bicycle on any sidewalk, walkway, in a hallway, on a handicapped ramp or any other areas of Campus customarily used by pedestrians.

5.3. No individual shall park any bicycle in a hallway, on a sidewalk, on a handicapped ramp, or in or near a doorway except where use is made of a parking rack furnished by the University.

5.4. No individual shall ride, operate or park at night on the Campus any bicycle not equipped with a headlight and taillight or reflector.

5.5. No individual, unless otherwise authorized in writing by the Director of OSS shall take any bicycle inside any building on campus. An exception permits residents to store bicycles in their room of residence on campus.

5.6. Regulations herein applicable to anyone riding, or parking a bicycle on the Campus shall also apply to anyone riding, operating, or parking a Motorcycle, or motor scooter.

5.7. No individual who operates or drives a Motorcycle, shall carry any other individual in or upon the vehicle while on the Campus unless the vehicle is equipped with:

5.7.1. A dual seat designed for two (2) individuals, or a separate passenger seat with a double foot rest or

5.7.2. A sidecar attachment that provides a separate seat for a passenger to be seated entirely within the attachment.

5.8. No individual operating a Vehicle covered by this section shall carry in or upon the Vehicle more than him/her and another individual at any one time.

5.9. Cairn prohibits the use of skateboards, rollerblades and bicycles:

5.9.1. Inside all campus buildings.

5.9.2. On any special outdoor surfaces, as determined by the University, such as tennis courts, basketball courts, etc.

5.9.3. Occurring in a fashion or in a location such that the activity presents a safety hazard to the individual, other pedestrians, vehicles or Cairn property (jumping steps, grinding rails/walls/benches, riding in or impeding traffic, etc). Skaters/cyclists must operate in a safe manner at all times.



6.1. The Traffic Appeals Committee is a standing committee appointed by the Vice President for Student Life and Enrollment. The Committee serves as a hearing committee for appeals from Faculty, Staff, Students, and Visitors. The appeals committee is composed of a Faculty/Staff representative, Student Senate representative and a representative from the Office of Student Life.

6.1.1. The Traffic Appeals Committee will hear traffic appeals on an anonymous basis; only a case number is available to the Committee.

6.1.2. The Traffic Appeals Committee may: Approve the appeal and void the ticket; Deny the appeal and indicate the fine to be paid; Deny the appeal, and waive the fine; Or postpone ruling to return the appeal to the OSS for clarification by the OSS or the appellant.

6.1.3. All decisions of the Traffic Appeals Committee are final.

6.1.4. A copy of all decisions made by the Traffic Appeals Committee will be given to OSS.

6.2. Any individual charged with a violation of any rule or regulation herein set forth in Sections 1-5 may appeal a University traffic citation to the Traffic Appeals Committee according to the following procedure:

6.2.1. The appellant must submit a completed appeal form, found either on the back of the citation being appealed, or in a form made available by the OSS, within fourteen (14) days from when the citation was issued.

6.2.2. The OSS shall review the appeal and immediately reject and return to the appellant any appeals made after the appeal period, or made upon grounds deemed unacceptable by this part, or any appeals submitted in such a manner that would break anonymity with the Traffic Appeals Committee.

6.2.3. The OSS shall prepare a Traffic Appeal Case File containing the appeal statement submitted by the appellant as well as a statement prepared by the OSS.

6.2.4. The OSS shall submit the Traffic Appeal Case File to the Traffic Appeals Committee.

6.2.5. Traffic citations under review by the Traffic Appeals Committee will be considered to be pending.

6.2.6. Upon receipt of the Traffic Appeal Committee’s decision, the OSS is responsible to carry out the decisions of the Committee, including but not limited to informing the appellant of the decision and making any necessary changes to OSS records regarding the subject of the appeal.

6.3. The following are unacceptable grounds for appealing a traffic ticket:

6.3.1. Ignorance of the regulations;

6.3.2. Unavailability of a legal parking space;

6.3.3. Improper display of decal;

6.3.4. Failure to purchase an appropriate decal;

6.3.5. Inclement weather, and/or;

6.3.6. Late arrival for class or meeting.



7.1. In cases in which the guilt of an individual has been established by waiver or voluntary admission, or by hearing as provided in Section 6, of an offense that clearly amounts to a violation of the traffic rules and regulations of Cairn as set forth in Sections 1-5 and the individual fails to pay the administrative penalty prescribed or imposed for the violation(s) within fourteen (14) calendar days from the time decision in the case has been rendered, the individual may, upon written notice be required to surrender his/her decal or Vehicle registration permit and may have all his/her operating and parking privileges suspended.

7.2. Any individual who fails to surrender his/her decal or registration permit, or who operates or parks a Vehicle on Campus after the date upon which she/he was requested to surrender his/her decal or registration permit, may have the Vehicle impounded. The individual shall be responsible for the costs involved in removing, impounding, and storing the Vehicle. The University and its Officers shall not be liable for any damage that may occur to the Vehicle during, or resulting from the removal, impoundment or storage of the vehicle.

7.3. The University may, in addition to any other remedy herein provided, remove and impound illegally parked or abandoned Vehicles; or any Vehicle found on the campus without a decal; without license plates; or parked in a manner as to constitute a serious hazard to vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or the movement or operation of emergency equipment. The owner of the Vehicle shall be responsible for the costs involved in removing, impounding, and storing the Vehicle. The University and its Officers shall not be liable for any damage to the Vehicle occurring during, or resulting from, the impoundment, removal, or storage thereof.

7.4. Any individual who fails to surrender his/her decal or registration permit, or who fails to make payment of administrative penalties for violation of rules and regulations for control, direction, and general regulation of traffic and automobiles on Cairn campus shall be subject to University disciplinary action.

7.5. Any individual who knowingly provides any false information where such information is required by the terms of these Rules and Regulations shall upon notice and hearing be required to surrender his/her decal or registration permit and shall have all of his/her operating and parking privileges suspended for not longer than one full year.

7.6. Any student who fails to pay his/her fines at the end of the semester will not be permitted to re-register as a student, or obtain a transcript or diploma.

7.7. Unpaid traffic tickets are cumulative until paid.

7.8. Unpaid traffic penalties will double in amount due if not paid in full by the later of the following dates: Within fourteen (14) days after the citation was issued; Or within fourteen (14) days after a decision regarding the penalty has been rendered by the Traffic Appeals Committee.

7.9. The University may, in addition to any other remedy provided, enforce the traffic rules and regulations through the use of a wheel locking device. This device will render the Vehicle immobile. The owner of the Vehicle will be responsible for all costs and unpaid traffic fines involved. The University will establish fees associated with the use of wheel-locking devices.

7.10. Vehicles that are not registered and have unpaid citations may be wheel-locked and/or towed at the owner’s/operator’s expense.

7.11. Unauthorized vehicles in exclusive service parking or handicapped parking may be wheel-locked and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

7.12. Any individual attempting the unauthorized removal of any wheel-locking device may be subject to fine, legal, and/or Administrative action.



A copy of these Rules and Regulations is posted on Cairn’s website under the OSS section: Cairn’s Motor Vehicle Rules and Regulations for the campus and streets of Cairn. For questions or additional information regarding the motor vehicle rules and regulations, please contact the OSS at:

708 North Pine Street Langhorne, PA 19047


Parking Regulations

  1. Students may park in lots A, B, C, D, G, H, I, J, and K.
  2. Students and employees parked in Lot E (Visitors Lot) between the hours of 6am and 5pm will be cited. Students and employees may park in Lot E between 5pm and 6am. Lots F (Fleet/Service Lot) and Lot L (Reserved employee Lot) are Reserved/No Parking 24/7/365.
  3. There is no parking allowed on Langhorne Manor residential streets.  This disrupts our neighbors and inconveniences them, their parking needs, and normal community life.  Violators will be cited.
  4. All student/employee vehicles must be registered with Cairn within two (2) days of the vehicle’s arrival on campus. Parking permits are obtained online at: Vehicles parked on campus without a parking permit will be cited.
  5. Vehicles with accumulated unpaid fines of $100.00 or more are subject to having an immobilization device applied to one of the vehicle’s wheels.  Devices will not be removed until fines are paid or a payment plan arranged with Business Services.

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